10 Serious Decisions We Made After #SDSummit 2016

May 31, 2016 Allocadia

SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 - Allocadia2500 marketers took over the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee last week for the 11th annual SiriusDecisions Summit, and our team was among them. In addition to making incredible connections at our booth where we helped attendees learn how to Run Marketing, we also made time to do some learning.

With over 100 sessions, there was a lot of information to take in, but we managed to digest a lot of it—along with a few dozen orders of fried chicken wings.

In the words of the Barenaked Ladies (who rocked the stage on the last night of the event), we are all ready to go home and make some SERIOUS DECISIONS.


We learned:

In the session, The Anatomy of the B2B Marketing Plan, Craig Moore and Marcia Trask showed us how to structure a marketing plan within only one page.

Our Serious Decision #1:

“I want to create the 2017 marketing plan on one page. Takes all the objectives, activities, etc and gives you a view of priorities. From there we can build the budget.” James Thomas, CMO mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo



We learned:

Lisa Nakano and Bob Peterson took the stage together to talk about Aligning Customer Marketing and Customer Success and introduced us to the new b-to-b power couple and of course, how they can better align and work together.

Our Serious Decision #2:

“Time to cozy up to Customer Marketing because Customer Success and Customer Marketing are the new power couple.” – Jocelyn Brown, VP, Customer Success mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo


We learned:

This SiriusLabs session with Nick Buck and Craig Moore on Campaign Planning operationalized the concepts of the strategic b-to-b marketing plan into a pragmatic approach to campaign development and implementation. The template provided is an excellent visualization of the campaign planning process from articulating business objectives to balancing budget distribution across program families and campaigns.

Our Serious Decision #3:

“To incorporate the data-driven approach to campaign planning to ensure the activities we plan are aligned to our objectives from both budget allocation and revenue generation expectations.” – Amanda Ovenden, Director, Marketing Performance Management  mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo


We learned:

At the session on Customer Advocacy: Its Impact on Demand Creation, Jen Horton & Lisa Nakano talked about whether there is a way to pinpoint better demand performance in companies that invest in improving the customer experience.

Our Serious Decision #4:

“To look at our advocate communities and activities with fresh eyes and determine new ways to not only appraise and measure them but insert advocacy opportunities into different stages of the customer lifecycle.” – Kasia Finkelstein, Director, Customer Marketing & Brand mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo


We learned:

During his session on Solving the Content ROI Conundrum, Ross Graber had us take a deeper look at content and showed us “what good look likes”.

Our Serious Decision #5:

“To determine success for content we produce, work to understand what the buying stage it is meant for and the target audience it was intended for – and then define success criteria. Ross reminded me that context is key to all aspects of content.” – Sam Melnick, Director, Customer & Marketing Insights  mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo  



We learned:

In their session, The Art and Science of Identifying and Prioritizing Customer Needs, Jeff Lash and Rachel Young reminded us that definitions matter. They reminded us to work within our organizations to really define needs.

Our Serious Decision #6:

“I loved the quote about how need is a desired outcome that has business value for a persona. As I am about to do some work on our Customer Journey, this resonated. I’m going to be looking for opportunities to create and validate business value for each of our personas as they engage with us.” – Jocelyn Brown, VP, Customer Success mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo


We learned:

The Merkle Inc Case Study with Ron Park (Merkle Inc) and Ed Abrams (Samsung) shared the buyer journey that Merkle helped Samsung develop. The key interesting perspective here was personas developed by their key motivations when involved in a purchase decision: Aspirational (driven by achievement, recognition, and building a legacy) and Preventative (driven to preserve functioning operations and systems, maintain stability, and peace of mind). Those personas then need to be prioritized and considered throughout the buyer journey.

Our Serious Decision #7:

“We’re going to start by reassessing our buyer personas to ensure that they reflect true distinguishing motivators in making buying decisions. Next, we’ll ensure that the messages that will resonate with those personas are consistent but also optimized for specific buyer decisions stages.” – Amanda Ovenden, Director, Marketing Performance Management mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo


We learned:

When Colin Day, VP of Global Demand Generation, took the stage, he talked about London, trains and even his socks, but he also shared a lot of great inferences from his long and continuous transformation at FIS Global.

Our Serious Decision #8:

“Marketing really is an orchestration and you have to play the long game (particularly at large global orgs) to make a huge impact. But at the same time you need to move with urgency otherwise you just get stuck in limbo. What I’m taking back to the office is to be a bit audacious in goals, but work a system and process to get there.” – Sam Melnick, Director, Customer & Marketing Insights mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo   


We learned:

We saw the results of the SiriusDecisions survey on digital advertising in the session on Digital Advertising and B-to-B Demand Creation. Presenters Jennifer Horton and Jonathan Tam also shared best practices in measurement for different channels and optimization.

Our Serious Decision #9:

“We have the opportunity to optimize results from digital advertising by closely integrating which channels we use when, and the messages we’re delivering, as part of the overall buyer journey. We can also leverage digital advertising measurement to learn more about our audience by what they engage with, where.”  – Amanda Ovenden – Director, Marketing Performance Management mini-twitter-logo mini-linkedin-logo


We learned:

How much we love country music.

Our Serious Decision #10:

Our CMO has decided to take up guitar lessons. So if you know anyone in Vancouver who teaches, let him know.    


Well folks, that’s all for now. Time for our team to get back to the office and get serious about implementing these valuable takeaways into our SiriusDecisions frameworks. But first, tell us: what was your biggest takeaway from the conference?

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