5 Trending Marketing Topics CMOs Should Watch

August 19, 2016 James Thomas

5 trending marketing topics CMOs should watchAs Margaret Molloy, global CMO and head of business development at Siegel+Gale, said in a Forbes interview, “It’s a wonderful time to be a CMO in the B2B world. There is an awakening as B2B firms have heightened awareness regarding the importance of marketing, branding, and the more expansive role that marketers can play.”

But all that opportunity doesn’t come without change. A Forbes Insights and Oracle Marketing Cloud study reported that 60 percent of brand and agency executives say their roles and responsibilities have changed significantly over the past two years.

Keeping pace with today’s rapidly changing marketplace means marketers are constantly looking ahead to anticipate what’s next. Here’s a collection of five trending topics for CMOs to keep an eye on.

Marketing as the “Culture Carrier”

“Increasingly there is awareness in B2B companies about the value of a key constituent who has been neglected—the employee. Marketers need to consider their colleagues as the conduit through which the brand is activated. That means that CMOs are becoming more mindful of helping colleagues understand the firm’s purpose, point of view, and source of differentiation. It is essential that every representative in the company can communicate and live the brand in a compelling way to drive differentiation.” – Read more at Forbes.

Building Marketing Organizations for Speed

“We need to build learning, nimble organizations that are constantly seeking to deeply understand how customer needs are evolving and what new opportunities technology creates. The teams then need to put those insights into action using rapid product development cycles. As someone in the middle of it all, transforming an organization to operate in that nimble way in all things from product development to procurement is a very hard thing to do, but companies that are able to do that will have a killer competitive advantage.” – Read more at Web Summit.

Becoming More Human in Marketing

“Brands that act and feel like people tap into, and express, their personalities in interactions across increasingly varied channels of communication to form deeper, more engaged relationships. They’re making the shift from IQ-driven communications—what they want audiences to know—to EQ. Brands with a high emotional quotient create more meaningful connections by framing their communications and experiences based on how they want audiences to feel. By adopting an EQ mindset, they’re inherently more empathetic and trustworthy.” – Read more at CMO.

Creating Personalized Marketing at Scale

“One vision holds that marketing is entering a new programmable era, in which a one-dimensional, monolithic internet will be replaced by a dynamic ecosystem in which every consumer experiences a personalized internet…Brands will need to own and control their data without relying on third parties. Artificial intelligence will open the door to personalization at scale, and an open ecosystem of brands, agencies and vendors will work together for the benefit of all.” – Read more at Marketing Land.

Using Martech and Talent as a Strategic Asset

“What’s more remarkable is the fluency by which marketing executives continually wove technology management principles back into the fabric of marketing and customer experience — and vice versa… These executives are comfortable assembling teams where different members bring different talents to bear — technologists, storytellers, data scientists, etc. The secret sauce is in the organizational capital of orchestrating these teams, promoting collaboration, knowledge transfer, and operational agility.” – Read more at Chief Marketing Technologist Blog.

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