5 Ways Marketing Operations Makes a Difference

July 8, 2016 James Thomas

5 Ways Marketing Operations Makes a Difference - AllocadiaMarketing operations – the discipline responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, and measurement – is vital within today’s high-performing marketing organizations.

As Amanda Jensen, practice director of learning at SiriusDecisions, says, “You can’t afford to run a marketing organization that doesn’t have a strong skill set in measurement, automation, process, reporting, budgeting, planning, data management and analysis.

This week, I’ve gathered a collection of articles that look at how marketing operations make a difference in aligning strategy with business goals, ensuring activities run as planned and discovering new insights to influence change.

Measure Marketing Contributions to Business Objectives

“When operations moves front-of-house and marketing is associated with those operational and system competencies—think CRM tools, for example, that are both available to the sales force in the field and provide analytical data for thought leadership campaigns—everybody wins. At the end of the day, it’s not so much what you do or what you’re called, but rather how you contribute to the larger objective of the business that matters.” – Read more at LinkedIn.

Holistically Integrate Inbound and Outbound Activities

“By integrating, automating and orchestrating the key components at the top of the funnel – data, process and systems – with your current marketing ops efforts, you’ll create a more complete view. This holistic view provides a straightforward way to enable new levels of control and predictability for increased performance.” – Read more at MarTech Advisor.

Get Insight into the Right Metrics

“We often see that when companies do adopt new tech platforms, they now have the ability to capture lots of new data and a never-ending list of things that they can now measure. But CMOs need help to develop the right types of metrics and dashboards to use this new data wisely to capture useful insights, to influence the company, and to show where marketing is having a meaningful impact on the business versus it appearing that marketing is just focused on volume of activity, which reinforces legacy perceptions of what marketing is.” – Read more at CMO.

Quickly Discover Winning Campaigns

“During planning sessions, we develop a list of hypotheses & prioritize based on expected impact. We then devise bare bones methods to test these hypotheses. In this way, we get data-driven feedback quickly, allowing us to invest more heavily in winners and cut losers.” – Read more at Wrike.

Use Findings to Influence Change

“While marketing operations is usually concerned with backend work, it’s a source of essential information for decision-making. By using the scientific method in marketing operations you can present a business case that is both sound in reasoning and meticulous in execution. This will help you define and lead improvements at your organization.” – Read more at Business 2 Community.

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