5 Ways to Minimize #Martech Overload

April 8, 2016 James Thomas

5 Ways to Minimize #Martech OverloadFor most CMOs today, #martech is critical to their success. There are “do” technologies – like marketing automation, ad technologies and content creation platforms – used for the customer-facing, creative portion of marketing. Then there are “run” marketing technologies for budgeting, planning and optimizing investments to drive more strategic decisions.

But it’s easy to feel overloaded by marketing’s expanding responsibilities, and the technology available to help us deliver. Managing multiple #martech solutions can be overwhelming for even the savviest CMOs.

This week I’ve been reading ways to minimize your #martech overload.

Identify Technology to Support the Change You Want to Create

Sam Melnick, director of customer and marketing insights at Allocadia, suggests: “Start with core operational issues. If data isn’t clean or processes are broken, throwing a technology on top of that will not solve the problem. Marketers need to identify technologies that help enable the change they want to create internally, not create the change for them. For instance, a lot of companies want ROI insights, but they first skip right to the returns – that’s a mistake – without an understanding of marketing investments first, returns have no anchor or grounding on what it actually took to get there.” – Read more at CabinetM

Pick and Choose Carefully

“‘Adopt fewer systems that can accomplish more, and have the flexibility to link to other platforms within their technology stack,’ noted Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate…While working with dozens of vendors and technologies may work for large marketing departments, it’s not going to work for the majority of businesses. The ability for marketing technology to surface insights, rather than pages upon pages of data is a crucial part of its future.” – Read more at Demand Gen Report

Go Back to Basics

“Make a business case to rip out the tech ‘stuff’ that is ‘nice to have.’ Are there technologies that are adequate but not really positively moving the needle or improving productivity and efficiency? Sometimes, things you think are sacred really aren’t. You certainly don’t know until you make the case to eliminate or consolidate those technologies.” – Read more at Marketing Land

Invest in Training

“’Martech software services are often ‘complex applications,’ said Theresa Regli, principal analyst and managing partner with Real Story Group. Many marketers are trained in marketing and communications — not in technology and data science… ‘Don’t ever think you won’t need training’ to use a new software tool or platform, said Regli, and then added it’s important for marketers to understand the purpose of new tools, as well as how they meets their teams’ goals.” – Read more at CIO

Remember: Technology is the Enabler, Not the Goal

“Rohit Prabhakar, Head of Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Technologies at McKesson, talked about Customer Obsession. While everyone was talking about technology, Rohit recognized that it is a tool; the technology itself is not the ultimate goal. In other words, it’s not about the technology, it’s really about the customer. The technology just helps us create a better customer experience – and it is the customer experience that fuels growth.” – Read more at Forbes

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