9 Inspiring Quotes For Tomorrow’s Marketer

May 10, 2016 Allocadia

Tomorrow’s Marketer: the theme of this year’s Marketo Summit. Phil Hernandez, CEO of Marketo, took the stage to talk us through what that really means. While “yesterday’s marketer was teeing up the ball for someone else, tomorrow’s marketer never leaves the side of the customer. Tomorrow’s marketer thinks about the journey of the customer. Tomorrow’s marketer uses powerful tools and data. Tomorrow’s marketer is a strategist, connected to visible and impactful business initiatives. Tomorrow’s marketer is working the CEOs primary agenda. Tomorrow’s marketer is breaking the bounds of marketing.”

The entire room full of almost 7000 modern marketers, sat, entranced and inspired as, one by one, powerful speakers with even more powerful messages took the stage to impart their crucial wisdom upon us. (Except for when Will Smith took the stage, and brought us all to our feet to “Get Jiggy With It”. Yes, that happened.) They left us with some pretty memorable lessons and inspiring quotes.

Break down the walls. Blur the lines.
Vincent Ircandia, SVP Business Operations, Portland Trailblazers

Marketing today is scary! Customers have incredibly high expectations around what kind of experience they’d like to have with your brand. Tomorrow’s marketer needs to be an expert in customer experience. They are the ones equipped to decipher those digital breadcrumbs being left behind by the customer, and to listen to customer and influence and map out that customer experience. The spotlight has never been brighter on tomorrow’s marketer. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone, understand analytics, and understand technology. Tomorrow’s successful marketers are going to be the ones breaking down those walls and blurring the lines.

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Tomorrow’s marketer never leaves the side of the customer.
Phil Hernandez, CEO of Marketo

Ever heard the term IKMC? Well, engrain it into your memory because it’s this year’s acronym to remember! IKMC stands for I KNOW MY CUSTOMER. Tomorrow’s marketer never leaves the side of the customer, ensuring they have an intimate digital relationship and always be thinking through the customer’s eyes.

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Jason Kodish, Global Chief Data Scientist, DigitasLBi

Be a scientist, not just a marketer. Employ a scientific method, understand opportunity, hypothesize, create a test, test in market, and then optimize. Storytelling still matters (right message, right person, right time, right platform, right voice) but let data drive your decision-making in each of those elements. And when it comes to data, focus on behavioural data: Why? Because #PeopleLie.

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Backing up is not the same as backing down.
Alison Levine, Mountaineer & Entrepreneur

To hike Everest was “not exactly straight forward”, she said. She had to hike up and then back down to base numerous times to ensure you are acclimatized to the altitude, which is physically and psychologically draining. But sometimes, even though you are going completely backwards, you’re still making progress. We need to stop thinking that progress has to happen in one particular direction.

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Fear is okay. Complacency is what will kill you. You have to be able to act and react quickly when you’re in these environments that are constantly changing.
Alison Levine, Mountaineer & Entrepreneur

“Mount Everest is a really bad place for control freaks.” Conditions are always changing and you have to able to flex with them to ensure your health and safety. You have to be able to take action based on the situation at the time, not based on your plan, because your plan is already out-dated as soon as it’s finished. There will be challenges and things will go sideways sometimes, but remember, “Storms are always temporary”.

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It’s hard to think your way to connection.
Will Smith, Actor, Producer, Musician & Philanthropist

We all know data and analytics matter. They’re an incredibly useful way to understand your audience and what they think, want and do. But Will suggests there is another, ultimately powerful way to connect with your audience. “You’ve got to blend in and feel what’s going on and feel what’s happening. Create from my heart rather than just think it.” Will likes to get out into the audience to really be able to “get” them and then focuses his energy on how to connect with them—how to understand where people struggle and find a way to offer them something to make their lives better. He starts with a Universally Relatable Experience and works from there. “Hey wouldn’t it be cool if?” is a terrible place to start because it doesn’t start with the end user, consumer, or customer in mind, and ultimately, they are what matters.

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Technology is forcing us into authenticity.
Will Smith, Actor, Producer, Musician & Philanthropist

All the technology and digital around us creates infinite opportunity to reach people, but it also forces us into authenticity. Reviews and feedback are instant and more honest than ever before, so there is less opportunity to hide behind marketing. Will loves the concept of complete & utter authenticity: what is the truth at the core of the product or service. “Work from there. ‘Smoke and mirrors’ days are over.”

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Fail early. Fail often. Fail forward.
Will Smith, Actor, Producer, Musician & Philanthropist

Okay, he didn’t say it, but he can’t remember who did, so he’s going to take the cred. Will says he reminds his kids of this message all the time. It’s always scary when you have to be open to the possibility of failing miserably, but Will tries to look at it differently. He says he looks at failure as the way he’s going to succeed, focusing on failing fast and moving into the next space. He has trained himself on being comfortable with it.

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If you’re fearless and relentless, it’s hard not to get to a really good place.
Will Smith, Actor, Producer, Musician & Philanthropist

“Part of the secret to success is pretending you’re still on top. Projecting confidence.” Alison also touched on the idea of being relentless. Ultimately, challenges will come. Things will rise and fall. But you just have to keep pushing through and believe in where you’re going.

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Be authentic. Don’t be afraid to fail. Climb that mountain. Never give up. (And for goodness sakes, don’t forget these valuable lessons. That’s why we wrote them down for you.)

Go forth and conquer, marketers.

*crowd goes wild*

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