Ad Tech and Marketing Tech: A Convergence?

October 9, 2015 James Thomas

Ad Tech and Marketing Tech: A Convergence?It’s not just the executives — CMOs and CIOs — who need to work together when it comes to marketing technology. There’s an opportunity for advertising and marketing technology teams to join forces. As marketing tech and ad tech become more powerful and can manage increasing amounts and kinds of data, it will become even more important to work together to find the best insights for your organization.

The following articles examine the current state of ad tech and mar tech, and what leaders need to know about all that data.

The Merger of Ad Tech & Mar Tech. Direct Marketing News: “Jonathan Moran, senior product marketer of customer intelligence at data giant SAS, says that ad technology and marketing technology have traditionally different focuses. He says that in the past, ad technology has focused on audience monetization, display advertising, location-based targeting, mobile marketing, networks and exchanges, video and television, and, usually, third-party data. Marketing technology, however, has had entirely different focuses: campaign management, contact optimization, customer data, email marketing, event triggers, lead management, and lifetime value. The intersection of both can be found as strategists work to meet several of these goals.”

How to Get All Departments on Board With Marketing Technology. iMediaConnection: “…The marketing department now has more decision-making power than IT when it comes to choosing a marketing tech platform. This may have sounded crazy 10 years ago, but today it’s standard procedure. Simple programming with awful marketing results won’t work. Impossible programming with superb marketing results won’t work either. You need to find a common ground: A marketing tech solution that meets every departmental demand.”

Why Now Is the Time for Advertising and Marketing Technologies to Converge. Ad Week: “The reality now is that marketing has furthered its footprint in many enterprises because people recognize it influences most of the consumer touch points. Delivering a relevant customer experience is critical, and, while data informs this experience, data management platforms enable this new reality. So, how do you align Mar-Tech and Ad-Tech?”

Why Marketing Is Not About ROI Calculation, But Innovation. CMO: “Unless marketers use analytics to fuel innovation, and are willing to take a risk on ideas about what new products can be offered, or the market reach and opportunities available to them through new ventures, they won’t achieve the business leadership position they deserve, said Ujwal Kayande, a professor of marketing at Melbourne Business School. ‘Marketers should be able to guide where demand comes from in future,’ he claimed. ‘They should be able to map out the growth strategy of the firm, which is far bigger than working out the ROI of a particular digital channel.’”

The Untapped Potential of All This Data. Ad Exchanger: “I predict the third generation of advanced mar tech and ad tech solutions will focus on telling publishers and marketers what will probably happen in the future. Predicting the future is an exercise of understanding how past data about what happened, when it happened and why it happened can be used as the colors to paint a picture of the future.[…] Leveraging all this data being collected everywhere to build better modeling tools will help bring the future into focus. No one can predict when this market shift will gain significant traction, but I think we will see the future as an increasingly important topic of conversation for industry innovation and thought leadership in the next few years.”

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