Allocadia Raises $16.5M Series B: A Letter from the Co-founders

December 2, 2015 Kristine Steuart

From day one, our mission at Allocadia has been to create a world where marketers make every marketing dollar count.

Every marketer today plans, budgets, and measures their return on marketing investment. But in a world where the CMO has greater responsibility and data rules, the traditional way of doing this is no longer an option. We deliver a radically better way by helping marketers optimize their marketing investments to save money and increase revenue. Ultimately, we are helping propel them further on a journey they have embarked upon: leading in their companies by driving real business impact.

We’re so very pleased to announce a US$16.5M (CAD$22M) Series B financing today so we can continue to help our customers and partners achieve enormous success on this journey together!

This marks the beginning of the next phase and experience of building Allocadia for all of us. It is huge stepping stone in furthering our ability to help our existing customers – and many more new ones – improve their businesses. With the funding, our customers and partners can expect more product innovation, and investments in subject-matter experts, benchmarking and value-add content, so they can drive business impact.

The opportunity in front of us is huge. Today, thousands of marketers manage billions of dollars in marketing spend in Allocadia – and there are tens of millions of marketers in the world who spend trillions of dollars in marketing spend per year.

It’s exciting for our team to be leading a market that is poised for massive growth. While we were the first to define the Marketing Performance Management (MPM) category, we invite the whole ecosystem to participate in this growth! MPM is radically transforming how marketing teams operate, just like CRM did for sales teams. And in a world where marketers are focused on achieving the important goal of one-to-one customer engagement – the only way marketers can achieve this is to have a plan, align everyone to it, fund it and measure its success. It is this front-office of the marketing cloud + the back-office of the marketing cloud combination that ultimately enable CMOs – and the Marketing Cloud – to solve the nirvana problem of Marketing ROI.

We’re in it together! To rally behind our mission, we are guided by two key concepts at the heart of the Allocadian culture: radical transformation + we’re in it together. We are radically transforming our market and company: with our customers and partners, and within ourselves and each other. And we can only transform together. We look forward to continuing to do so with all of you.

A special shout-out to our customers, partners, and friends who have helped us get here. We have a team of customers and partners – and other champions including family, investors, analysts, vendors, advisors and friends – who are truly passionate and involved in helping our team, product and company grow. We appreciate all your work with our team and yours, championing us internally, and working hard with your stakeholders to improve your business. You have been change agents, thought leaders, and driving against status quo – in an area that just has to change. We appreciate all you do to lead in your company.

A big congratulations to the Allocadia team in getting to this milestone, as it is all of you who have built Allocadia into what it is today, and set a foundation for what it can be tomorrow – where we can make a real impact in our community and help improve businesses around the world. You are amazing!

Kristine & Katherine (the twins)

Allocadia Co-Founders Steuart & Berry

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