Allocadia’s Application Platform: Recent Improvements

March 24, 2015 Ryan Marples

CTO-update-blog-image-squareThe time has come for an update on our HTML migration project! As well, I’ll provide insight into some of the additional work we’ve been doing on the Allocadia platform.

As a refresher, our application was originally built using Flash/Flex user interface technology and we’ve been in the process of modernizing it to use pure HTML. We’ve been doing this incrementally over the last year.

Since my last update, we’ve transitioned the core “budget grid” area of our application to HTML, along with the user management page, and some pages related to login and password resets. In addition, we’ve built several new features directly in HTML, such as the organization admin page. We’ve even begun previewing support for mobile devices!

This work is important from a development platform perspective but also from a user experience perspective. The move to HTML has also meant usability improvements such as being able to use more of the web browser’s built in features like text search, back/forward navigation, zooming in and out, and bookmarking of particular places in the application.

Users have also experienced better copy-and-paste support, new keyboard shortcuts, faster page load times and a bunch of aesthetic updates, including the ability to tweak the app’s look and feel for your own company with our custom branding feature.

I also wanted to highlight some other platform improvements that our team has been busy delivering:

  • Reworked the way we store budget data in our database to save storage and decrease query times
  • Improved reliability of our email delivery service for user notifications
  • Deployed a client error reporting service to give us more insight into any unreported browser errors our customers may be experiencing
  • Added a more graceful user experience when taking our service offline and online for scheduled maintenance
  • Performed a successful vulnerability assessment by a reputable 3rd party firm
  • Tightened up our password strength requirement and added a bunch of “behind the scenes” security enhancements
  • Added support for Single Sign On

We have many more enhancements planned and I look forward to providing more updates. In the meantime, drop me a note on Twitter to let me know what you think of our recent work – I’m @AllocadiaCTO.

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