Building Better Demand Gen Programs

April 15, 2016 James Thomas

Building Better Demand Gen ProgramsIn a study from Annuitas, nearly 70 percent of marketers report they only see marginal effectiveness from their demand generation programs.

Part of the challenge could be how marketers measure campaign effectiveness. Thirty percent use qualified leads delivered as their primary measure of success – a 10 percent increase over the previous year. But in a surprising decrease, only 19 percent use revenue generated.

With CMOs under pressure to drive revenue for their organizations, the articles below provide several ideas to boost your demand gen effectiveness.

Design a Great Customer Experience

“Accuracy and Availability are expected by your consumer, right? You must get them right every time. Delivering what you say you’re going to deliver and being accessible when your customers need you are critical. However, the top two are opportunities to really “wow” your customers: teaching them something they didn’t know (advice), and making them feel that you are “partnering” in their success. These are markers of great customer service that will keep people coming back to you — but you need to build them on top of delivering the expected criteria.” – Read more at The Social CMO

Tap Influencers throughout the Buyer’s Journey

“One way that brands can begin building trust and credibility early on with prospects is to incorporate influencers into content meant to represent different stages of the buying cycle. In fact, recent research has found that 51% of marketers believe that incorporating influencers into their marketing helps them get better customers … There are many powerful brandividuals that can help advance your brand message but you also need to consider incorporating niche industry experts, experts from reputable brands, your own customers and even employees into these content campaigns.” – Read more at TopRank Marketing

Shift Focus from Leads to Accounts

“Every account has multiple people who influence the buying decision, each with their own perspectives. You need to understand how to step from one person to the next providing the information that each individual needs. Start your profiling by doing research online, but don’t expect to find the answers to all your questions in the digital world. To understand the decision-making maze within an organization, you will need to conduct one-on-one phone conversations.” – Read more at Business 2 Community

Optimize Campaigns Based on Analytics

“In order to gauge the current impact a campaign is having, you need to be measuring the right metrics that identify that impact. Leveraging that insight can help you enhance your targeting and revise your segments to properly engage prospective buyers. Working out from there, marketers can then leverage that insight to make sure messaging is consistent throughout the campaign to prevent any hiccups in the buying experience.” – Read more at Demand Gen Report

Speak the Language of Revenue

“The CMO should be able to clearly show how much revenue was driven by marketing in the last year, quarter, even month so that the department is seen as a vital function – not a discretionary one. In order to do this, you have to proactively talk to the rest of your C-Suite team about where your money is going and what returns its offering. This should be both at a macro level and broken down by every possible variable, including channels, devices, regions, and verticals and across prospective and current customer bases.” – Read more at VentureBeat

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