Data: The Common Ground Between CIOs and CMOs

September 4, 2015 James Thomas

Data: The Common Ground Between CIOs and CMOsWe’ve been watching how the roles of CIOs and CMOs are changing, merging, overlapping and sometimes conflicting. Through it all, the common ground between the two positions is clear: data. People in these leadership positions are always going to need data that they can track, analyze and use to make decisions. The following articles discuss the data CMOs and CIOs are looking for — and where they can find common ground.

CIO/CMO/CRM: Interchangeable Acronyms in a Data Driven Business. Business2Community: “CIOs and CMOs therefore need to come together in order to discuss how they can achieve the desired business outcomes of their company – and this is becoming even more crucial with the growth of today’s data-driven digital marketing environment. The two types of directors should be involved at all levels of discussion about, for example, which Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to deploy and whether it should be cloud-based or not. At the same time CIOs and CMOs should recognize the changes in their own roles and responsibilities – particularly given that the CMO’s role is evolving in such a way as to include technology within its remit. They also need to sit down to discuss and understand their different skill sets in order to work better together.”

Big Data: The Key to Collaboration-Centric Business. CIO: “Recently I participated in a webinar panel with IT and marketing leaders on building alignment between the CIO and CMO, and surprisingly every speaker agreed: most of us are there or well on our way. The next frontier is building a collaboration-centric culture across the company, and data is the place you start.

Just about every business function now needs to collect, connect and visualize data in order to better measure outcomes and prove results. Now one of the defining factors to sustaining a competitive advantage, data is also the most promising area your company can focus on to build bridges, dissolve siloes and see better business results.”

CMOs Do IT Fast, CIOs Do IT Slow. Direct Marketing News: “CMOs and CIOs are different, says Dario DeBarbieri, global director of IBM Middleware, because they’re supposed to be different. There are two different types of IT: fast, the province of marketers; and slow, the bailiwick of IT people. CIOs and CMOs need only to recognize it and shore up their skills at managing their stations in the fortress—marketers on the battlements, techs in the command center. The rest will come easy because each of their efforts should feed the success of the other.”

Why The Best Chief Marketing Officer Might Not Be a Marketer: Introducing the 360-Degree CMO. Huffington Post: “CMOs will continue to have more direct responsibility for sales. As self-service eCommerce continues to grow, the size of many direct sales teams will shrink. According to Forrester, 75 percent of B2B customers stated that it was more convenient to buy from a website rather than a direct sales rep. Forrester also found that 93 percent say that they prefer buying online rather than from a salesperson when they’ve decided what to buy. Given that the marketing function manages most corporate websites, CMOs will have some level of accountability and quota for online sales.”

CMO Interview: Unleashed’s Anthony Mordech on the Software Marketing Evolution. CMO: “‘Data analytics as we know it gives us a little window into what’s working and not working,’ he said. ‘Digital is such a broad term, and so all-encompassing, but what it’s providing marketers with is the ability to access cool, dynamic insights so we can make better and more informed decisions. No matter what we’re doing, digital allows us to be more relevant.’”

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