Do You Need a Chief Marketing Technologist?

August 14, 2015 James Thomas

Do You Need a Chief Marketing Technologist?Advances in marketing technology are bringing big changes for the marketing team — and shake-ups at the executive level. Roles in the C-suite are shifting quickly, and it can be difficult to know which leaders should oversee different teams, set goals and measure results.

One of those new emerging roles we are seeing is the rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist. With advances in cloud technology for marketers, legacy internal systems, expectations of the executive team, the need to focus on the customer or prospect, and the need to make sure all your marketing systems work with the entire technology stack of the organization, this role is here to stay.

Hopefully, the articles I’ve gathered below will help you find clarity on what these changes can mean for your organization — or at least let you know you’re not alone.

Will the CMO Role Fade With the Rise of the Chief Marketing Technologist?: Marketing Magazine: “This is not to say that the traditional creative remit of marketing should take a back seat to data – in fact 51% of the marketers we questioned believe there is a place for both CMOs and CMTs in companies and that they should be jointly responsible for marketing technologies. Data-driven marketing enables those in creative roles to do their best work by allowing them to focus on the bigger picture thinking and creative elements that will make their campaigns stand out. The sum of both left-brained and right-brained talent collaborating together effectively will be greater than their parts.”

Q&A: Never Fear, the Chief Marketing Technologist is Here. PerformanceIN: “‘The chief marketing technologist is a natural response to the increasing influence of technology on the marketing role,’ says Chris Le May. ‘[O]ver a quarter of marketing professionals are spending more than half of their time now using technology to drive their core activities. To manage this new ecosystem, marketers need a leader who can combine both left brain and right brain – data and creativity in tandem. Chief marketing technologists are equal part technology expert and marketing expert, and thus fulfil this role perfectly.’”

A CMO’s View: MarTech Forces CMOs Out Of Their Comfort Zones, Says Yext’s Jeff Rohrs. Marketing Land: “‘My experience here is more observational than first-hand, but what I can say is that the most successful implementations of marketing technology usually occur in organizations where the CMO and CIO are collaborative,’ Rohrs says. ‘The move of most software to the cloud is forcing CIOs to build teams that are far more strategic and consultative, and that can benefit marketing in the long run.’”

Time for CEOs to Step In and Stop CIO-CMO Bickering. CIO: “‘This year, the relationship is going to continue to evolve and move very quickly,” says Michael Broberg, vice president of consulting services in the strategic technology solutions group at Hitachi Consulting. ‘I’m referring to the CMO having an accelerated need and desire to be able to implement customer-centric technologies as quickly as possible. CMOs want to be able to improve the customer experience, but at the same time they’re being held back. Their ability to achieve what they want is dramatically limited by what they can and can’t do on the technology side. As much as they want to move fast, they do realize they need the help of the CIO.’”

Five Steps To Embracing A Technology Mind-Set Within Marketing. CMO: “Today’s CMO and marketing professional has to understand the challenges and the language of their CIO, and be able to talk about their needs and requirements at a technology level. As someone with a background in technology, I understand the frustrations and concerns around so-called Shadow IT for the CIO. Just because a CMO can purchase specific marketing solutions – and the rise in cloud based technology has made this much more common – doesn’t mean they should!”

On a related note, Allocadia this week announced the Allocadia Cloud Exchange. The sole purpose of this platform is to make it easier for marketers to combine all their investment and results data into a system of record for modern marketers. Read more on our blog.

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