Getting Excited About an Internal System of Record for Marketing

June 2, 2016 Katherine Berry


The decision to purchase Allocadia is the beginning, not the end, of an internal journey to transform the business of marketing to become more strategic and revenue driven. Once the decision is made to use Allocadia, how should you position Allocadia internally and does it matter?

Our customers are telling us that yes it matters. In fact, it is critical to success that Allocadia is understood as a better way to run marketing, instead of a direct 1:1 replacement for current in-house budgeting and planning systems. This creates an internal mindset open to change and growth. This is the best starting point for Allocadia to work with you to drive visibility into marketing performance.

To ensure a strong start with Allocadia, here are some insights gleaned from recent discussions with some of our largest enterprise customers:

  • Explain that Allocadia is the engine that runs marketing vs. other core execution systems, like marketing automation, that help your team do marketing. This is a great frame of reference for teams to understand where Allocadia fits in the marketing technology ecosystem. From our experience, marketers just get this.
  • Be up-front that driving efficiency and visibility first requires standardization. Getting everyone on the same page may disrupt work-flows in the short-term but it soon equates to greater clarity and more efficiency around core budgeting and planning activities.
  • Reassure team members that unique budgeting, planning and performance needs can be met: Allocadia can track the base data needed to provide visibility into marketing performance, while still allowing teams to track data that matters to them, or implement strategic planning features at their own pace.
  • Drive a culture of accountability:  This starts with clear expectations about roles and inputs into Allocadia. Businesses can no longer operate with marketers all having their own disparate processes for budgeting, planning and ROI. Marketing organizations must have full visibility into what’s going on — anything less than that is not okay.
  • Be clear that Allocadia will work hard for every member of the marketing team from CMO, to Marketing Ops, to Campaign managers. Explain how Allocadia will help each member of the team to be better at what they do in the following three ways – which map to our 3 levels of strategic planning:
    1. Be more accountable: Allow them to easily hit investment and return targets.
    2. Be more aligned: Allow them to easily see if they are aligned or not to objectives and how to correct if not.
    3. Have more impact: Help them make better decisions with their budgeting and planning data by understanding what their investments plan to drive and actually drove.

Thanks as always to our customers who inspire us everyday with valuable insights that we can share with the rest of the Allocadia community.

Are you a customer of Allocadia? We’d love to hear from you on how you’ve succeeded in getting your organization (or yourself!) excited about using a system of record for marketing. Leave a comment below or email me (or any one of your Allocadia team) any time.

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