How Busy CMOs Manage Their #Martech Stack

March 25, 2016 James Thomas

How Busy CMOs Manage Their #Martech Stack This week, I was at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco. During the event, Scott Brinker, chair of the conference and editor of Chief Marketing Technologist blog, shared the 2016 version of his now-legendary Marketing Technology Landscape infographic.

This year’s landscape features a whopping 3,874 companies, almost double last year’s 2,000 and far greater than the 150 featured in the 2011 inaugural version illustrating just how much the industry has grown in five short years. As Brinker said, not only has “the scope of marketing grown, probably by an order of magnitude, [but] the scope of software success has grown.”

He even featured Allocadia’s own internal #martech stack during his keynote.

If you’re still fine-tuning your #martech stack, check out the tips below for managing marketing technology in this ever-evolving and growing environment.

Compile a Cross-Functional Wish List

“Talk to staff in your team and related departments about their biggest challenges, and ways to make their work processes more efficient. With your company’s strategic goals, in mind, compile your wish-list of new technologies. The goal here is to understand how cross-functional teams collaborate with each other and what the workflow looks like. Where are the inefficiencies in the process? Why is there double entry of data in different systems? Are you using multiple systems to achieve the same objective in different teams?” – Read more at Simple

Conduct Preliminary Research

“Crowdsource some information on about specific technology options:

  • Gartner’s Magic Quadrants are published or updated throughout the year, with each Quadrant focused on a specific technology, such as digital marketing hubs, marketing resource management, business intelligence and analytics platforms, web content management and many more.
  • Forrester Waves is Forrester’s evaluation of hardware, software or service vendors in a particular market. These cover everything from customer loyalty solutions to cloud business intelligence platforms and customer insights service providers.
  • Consulting crowdsourced review sites such as G2Crowd, TrustRadius, GetApp, Spiceworks, ITCentralStation, and SoftwareAdvice will show you how peers rate their technology investments. A good Quora search can also help”
    – Read more at Influitive

Create a Marketing Tech Blueprint

“A marketing technology (MarTech) blueprint is a simple visual diagram – captured from a white board photo, organized in PowerPoint or a good old-fashion schematic – that outlines current tech, systems, processes and data flows utilized or needed by marketing. By documenting and visualizing systems and processes, marketers can quickly capture the current state of their marketing technology, identify gaps, overlaps, and chokepoints, and, most importantly, have a single view of their technology investments.” – Read more at Forbes

Minimize the “Shiny New Thing” Distraction

“Separate your marketing stack into two — a stack for current/core tools and a stack for tools being tested — minimizes distractions. Review your core stack and the performance of each element monthly, and discuss what more you can do with the tools you have. If you tap out on a tool, then target that for replacement. With your test stack, track implementation goals, performance indicators and resource commitment. Move tools from the test stack to the core stack only when you’re satisfied that you’ve achieved your performance benchmarks. Try testing only two or three new tools at a time and resist getting distracted by every new shiny thing.” – Read more at CMSWire.

Consider Customer Privacy

“Martech enables companies to collect an unprecedented amount of data — data they can use to deliver more relevant and more personalized content to customers. But studies show that customers don’t like how companies collect their data…When it comes to using martech for data collection, companies will need to seriously consider giving customers more control — or risk losing their trust.” – Read more at Vision Critical

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