How Does Your Tech Stack Stack Up?

November 17, 2016 James Thomas


tech-stackJay Famico and Mark Levinson compared it to a tower of Jenga blocks. Sure, there may be a few gaps, but you need to ensure it’s always sturdy enough to stand strong. Your “tech stack” is vital to the growth of your business, so if you aren’t already, you had better be asking yourself: how does my stack stack up?

Everyone in the room at the SiriusDecision Tech Exchange is here for the same reason. We all want (and need) to figure out:

  • How do we pick the right tech?
  • What technology should we be thinking about?
  • How much are our peers spending on tech and what are they spending it on?
  • And ultimately, how do we use technology as a strategic weapon in B2B marketing and sales?

The SD Marketplace was jam-packed full of vendors offering the latest and greatest in innovative technology. The kind of stuff that allows us to do unbelievable things–things that years ago we could only dream of. But these days, if you can dream it, you can do it. Or someone out there can. Abilities are seemingly limitless. This is incredibly exciting on one hand—it kind of makes you want to grab your big bag of money and go on a shopping spree. But it’s also incredibly overwhelming. And more than likely that big bag of money is a) not bottomless, like Mary Poppins’ was and b) is guarded by an iron-fisted CFO who isn’t going to be willing to hand it all over to you without justification.

This means, before you can start buying and implementing, you need to spend some time researching, evaluating and mapping to figure out what your tech stack should look like.


Jay Famico encouraged the room full of technology shoppers today to not think about what tech you need to buy and instead, consider what your business needs to achieve. This is a meaningful shift to make that will ensure your business spends money wisely. (We hear iron-fisted CFO’s like that!)


Now, everyone’s tech stack is going to look a little bit different, and it should. We all have different needs, after all! Here’s a snapshot of our current stack–since we’re in the sharing mood.


Everyone has a few gaps in their Jenga tower. Some are manageable, and some are not. If Marketing Performance Management is a gap for you, let’s talk. We can show you how you can show your leadership team why this Jenga block is one worth putting into place. Because it will help you and your team determine the ROI of every other block in the tower.



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