How the Changing CMO Role Reflects Complex Business Issues

November 6, 2015 James Thomas

How the Changing CMO Role Reflects Complex Business Issues The CMO’s role often goes beyond marketing and technology. As businesses face more complex challenges, everyone in the C-suite needs to maximize their skills and contributions, and CMOs may be called upon to work with different executives to solve business problems. These articles look at some of the issues CMOs are facing as business gets more complicated.

What Does the CEO Expect of the CMO When It Comes to Delivering on the Change Agenda? Forbes: “Digital disruption has altered every aspect of the business and has made it harder for organizations to break through the clutter. As a result of the pressure on the organization to deliver results there is an increase in the number of C-suite titles that include a component of marketing: chief customer officer, chief experience officer, chief client officer, or chief digital officer. This diversity reflects a much greater awareness of the importance of the marketing practice to help forge the bond with the customer at different touchpoints. All that complicates the role of CMO further. Posting above-market growth increasingly hinges on building effective bridges across the organization to deliver consistent customer experience. That means not only having excellent marketing capabilities, but also connecting marketing with the entire organization.”

CIOs and CMOs: A-team in the C-suite. The Wall Street Journal: “CMOs and CIOs are facing a new marketing landscape in which levers of the past no longer work the same way, if at all. The front office of marketing has been recast around connectivity and engagement—seamless contextual outreach tailored to specific individuals based on their preferences, behaviors, relationships, service logs, and purchase histories. At the same time, marketing’s back office has been transformed by data, analytics, and new technologies for accelerating and automating campaigns, content, and positioning. Together, these new dimensions are ushering in a new breed of marketing: dimensional marketing.”

To Prove Marketing’s Value, a CMO Must Learn to Speak Like a CFO. CustomerThink: “In an ideal world CMOs would like to have more strategic conversations with their CEOs and Boards about the value of activities and the impact of investments that are not directly tied to revenue. Reputation, awareness, customer experience, tracking cohort customer groups, pipeline by channel, influence of communities/digital properties, and how to drive growth are a few of the topics CMO would like to talk about. But having been burned in the past, CMOs keep the conversation strictly on revenue.”

CMOs Need IT Pros to Tame Big Data. CIO: “As more marketing departments and businesses become data-driven, CMOs need to ensure they not only have the right technology to leverage data, but the right employees as well. It’s similar to bi-modal IT, where there are two different camps in IT, and one is focused on more traditional aspects of IT and the other is invested in fast-paced innovation. CMOs will want to hire people invested in cutting-edge marketing software and technology, with a focus on innovation.”

Time For CMOs And CIOs To TalkTalk About Security? MediaPost: “Of all the conversations that CMOs and CIOs need to have, cybersecurity may not be at the top of the agenda when there are so many other opportunities around customer journeys and data insights. It’s also the subject that is most likely to be considered most firmly in the CIOs court, a detailed area where only those who truly know what they are talking about dare tread.”

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