How to Adopt Marketing Technology with Minimal Disruption

August 20, 2015 James Thomas

marketing_technologyNo doubt about it: Implementing new marketing technology brings big changes to an organization. C-level roles may be thrown into confusion as IT and marketing wrestle with who owns martech. The marketing department may have to restructure as the new technology makes processes more efficient.

Understanding the changes marketing technology can bring to an organization will help you adopt it more efficiently and effectively, with minimal disruption. These articles can help you find the way.

Embrace Organizational Change To Adopt New Marketing Technology. MediaPost: “Empower an evangelist: Operationalization (putting recommendations in market) needs to come from within your organization. You can’t rely on a third-party partner to tell you how your business should operate. So appoint someone within your organization to be the main point of contact with your third-party marketing technology partner. The evangelist should understand your internal marketing organization’s structure, as well as each team’s current objectives, KPIs, planning schedules and incentives. S/he would then identify the appropriate currency of measurement and optimization that will become the new single currency across teams. The evangelist would work with executives and team leads to adopt organizational change, and ensure that the appropriate levels of training and platform access are provided across teams.”

Selecting Marketing Automation Technology: Interview With Jordie van Rijn. Forbes: “‘…total marketing automation is where we not only employ the technology, but also the organizational vision, including life cycles, lead management, customer data, growth through marketing. That requires a different marketing technology stack than simpler segmented and automated email marketing or sales follow ups…A full-fledged MA implementation is asking quite a bit of company transformation. But some companies sidestep the issue and polish up marketing with a couple of – very useful – but pinprick campaigns proclaiming that they have completely mastered the customer buyers’ journey.’”

Marketers: What’s On Your Tech Chart?. ClickZ: “A tech chart is a visual representation of all a company’s digital marketing technologies currently in use or that are scheduled for use. Its purpose is to effectively communicate with customers and prospects, and it incorporates many of the same diagrams and techniques that our friends in IT have been using for years. A typical tech chart includes cylinders for data stores, input and output arrows, and software blocks.”

The Marketing Technology Puzzle. Business2Community: “Today, a myriad of platforms are required to execute a marketing strategy that effectively understands, targets, engages, nurtures and retains great customers. There are critical pieces required to link these technologies together – all based on specific data. So, make sure that you understand the pieces most important to your overall strategy before you start trying to add in the coolest new technology. Even if you have to rearrange some pieces of your puzzle (including your database) to make them fit, the end result will be picture-perfect.”

This is Why Martech is a Sector Still in Its Infancy. Marketing Dive: “The other piece of the puzzle is making sure the right people are fitting the right roles, but also bring tech and analytics savvy to the table to drive business value. As martech pushes through the building phase of its development, marketers are tasked with creating their own technology stacks that will help integrate and connect the dots.”

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