How to Harness Customer Success Insights for Better Marketing Planning

June 24, 2016 James Thomas

CMOpicks_20160624_CustomerInsightCustomer success – making sure your customers succeed and are as productive and profitable as possible – isn’t new. For many organizations and CMOs, the ability to boost customer retention, improve customer satisfaction and increase cross-selling or up-selling opportunities come from recognizing and leveraging key customer success insights throughout the buyer’s lifecycle.

I’ve been reading about ways marketing can harness customer success insights to make sure the marketing plan is consistent throughout the customer journey.

Prevent Process Silos

“Start every endeavor with a collaborative spirit. Require real-time gap analysis of customer experience realities versus work assignments, process creation, progress reporting, system setup, onboarding, etc. Whatever you’re doing that is at odds with customers’ well-being is going to be problematic and more costly. It’s worthwhile to shift gears at the get-go to do things right the first time and save all that frustration.” – Read more at Customer Think.

Centralize Data Across Channels

“B2Bs should also begin implementing a ‘single source of truth’ to easily house and share customer data (e.g., account, order history, and behavioral information) among channels and departments to capture context of prior interactions and make effective use of them. Centralizing and aggregating data across channels will ensure consistency for customers, so they are less likely to notice a difference in their experience when they shop on different channels.” – Read more at MarketingProfs.

Map Accountability to Stages

“You don’t need to create massive, detailed journey maps, defining every possible touchpoint. The key is to start by defining the different stages of the customer journey and then within each stage, identifying priority touchpoints to focus on. Aligning around the experience means that accountability maps to the different stages, not to silos within the company. By aligning accountability around stages of the journey, you will bring together different areas of the organization to work together.” – Read more at Diginomica.

Don’t Fear Feedback

“Complaints can drive innovation. Sometimes we try to explain away negative feedback. ‘We just moved them to a new account team.’ ‘They just finished their deployment.’ ‘These are just the small customers.’ Feedback is perception. Perception is reality. All feedback is valid because it comes from your customers.” – Read more at Salesforce.

Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Web, mobile, CRM and marketing automation “platforms will not invoke the cultural change needed to transform a product-centric culture into a customer-centric culture. But having the right IT platforms in place will make it possible to support the changes in culture brought on by the increasing focus on customer experience and digital transformation. In a transformed customer-centric culture, digital experience is an inevitable heir to the customer experience and digital transformation trends.” – Read more at CMSWire.

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