How to Keep Up with Changes in Marketing Technology

April 24, 2015 James Thomas

How to Keep Up with Changes in Marketing TechnologyMarketing technology is an exciting — and constantly evolving — world. Researching new marketing technology solutions can be an overwhelming proposition. But it’s vital that organizations put in the effort to find out what works for them, because the payoffs can be so useful.

This week, I’ve collected articles that share about what company leaders should look for from marketing technology, and what they can expect as the industry evolves.

Marketing Technology Should Help You Win, Not Defeat You. MediaPost: “Monitoring your competitors’ efforts in social and digital channels has become extremely time-consuming, but this is how many marketers are establishing benchmarks. The best marketing tech companies are layering this kind of insight in on top of traditional performance analytics.”

6 Vital Features to Look for in Marketing Automation Software this Year. Business2Community: “Businesses absolutely must select marketing automation software that serves all departments. Entrepreneur magazine noted that instead of hastily piecing together a variety of platforms to build messy, composite software, businesses should look for a unified system that can keep marketing and sales cohesive. When everyone speaks the same language and views the same layout, communication between departments and co-workers improves dramatically.”

The Future Of Marketing Automation. Tech Crunch: “It is time to reinvent marketing automation. Platforms should provide scalable, incredibly fast and responsive database and workflow systems. They should be thinner and optimize for tracking the data about your leads and customers. They should provide clean APIs (that are from the 21st century) so third parties can build specialized, best-in-breed experiences on top of them.”

What Automation Will Do To Marketing and Marketers. Wall Street Journal: “Successful adoption of automation requires new processes, disciplines, and approaches to data and decision-making. It clearly requires access to data—both that in internal transaction systems, and external data on customers and markets. To analyze all that data, marketers need to be comfortable with analytics and data science. As Brian Harrington, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Zipcar, put it in an interview, ‘In an ideal world everyone would be fluent in digital and marketing analytics.’ Mr. Harrington said that this applies to everyone in the marketing function, including formerly ‘creative’ roles.

Stepping Back to See the Big MarTech Picture. CMS Wire: “It might seem obvious to attendees, but let’s not forget that the existence of ‘marketing technology’ was not always a given. Just like the marketing technologist’s emergence, the acknowledgment that marketing and technology have a shared goal in the organization — the creation of a cohesive customer experience — is a recent phenomena. The MarTech conference’s packed attendance and speaker list can once and for all lay this debate to rest. So we know martech exists, but how do we best implement it?”

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