How to Manage the Role of CMO

May 1, 2015 James Thomas

How to Manage the Role of CMOCMOs have a lot on their plates — not only do they have to keep up with rapid advances in marketing technology, they must also manage, interpret, share and act on the data that technology provides. In addition, CMOs work with other executives who may have competing interests at times. It’s important to remember that everyone has the same goal: boosting the company’s growth.

This week, I’ve collected articles that look at the role of the CMO, from the C-suite to the trenches.

How Customer-Centric Tech Is Revolutionizing C-Suite Relationships. Forbes: “Gone are the days when CIOs exercised comprehensive oversight of every piece of technology that entered the enterprise. Today, many CIOs have narrowed their focus on internal technology and systems, while customer-facing technology is increasingly owned by the lines of business and especially by marketers. Compounding that, CMOs are acquiring community platform technologies that support external peer-to-peer communities that can also serve internal use cases traditionally managed by CIOs. CMOs should look for opportunities to bring those external systems to support internal use cases, in collaboration with CIOs. This will have the side benefit of bringing internal teams closer to customer engagement.”

It’s Time for CMOs To Take Charge Of Big Data. Ad Age: “Drive customer-centric marketing technology. For those companies where the analytics group is focused on a narrow set of objectives, CMOs need to lead the evolution of marketing technology as a driver of customer centricity. A fundamental component of how a company benchmarks its customer centricity is through its data and analytics strategy. Today, customer centricity not only uses customer data to provide highly relevant customer experiences, but it generates relevant new data and uses technology to make real-time personalized customer decisions, where possible.”

The Right Small Data Will Empower The CMO To Find Their Place In The Boardroom. The Drum: “CMOs have not yet exploited the opportunities to use data to draw insight from it enough to make their marketing approaches more effective. In order for the CMO to still have prominence in the boardroom in five years’ time, they will have to embrace the capabilities of small and relevant data in order to make a big improvement to the performance of their marketing.”

Why CEOs Say Yes To Marketing Automation: Business2Community: “Back when all our marketing was mass media, we were just throwing mud on the wall, hoping to see what stuck. Once marketers adopted digital marketing, marketing automation evolved to measure it. The things that work become visible. If you see how your campaigns perform, if you know which assets drive leads, which tactics drive conversion, and which leads convert the fastest, you can do more of what works and cut the budget from the rest. You get better results and save money. You can also show the CEO how marketing contributes to closed sales, and get the credit you deserve.”

Should ROI Be Attached To Every Marketing Activity? Entrepreneur: “While I do believe that trying to seek out a specific ROI on every single activity can become exhausting and demoralizing for most marketers, it’s true that marketing (as a whole) can and should be able to attribute ROI to many activities. I know this is a sore subject for many marketers for more than one reason. First, it’s easy to get mired in the complex web of tools and techniques for measuring ROI. Secondly, with mountains of data and statistics available, today’s marketers have more insights on their fingertips than ever before. Which in itself can be an issue, as finding meaningful information from these unending data streams is basically like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

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