How to Tackle Marketing Tech Challenges

October 30, 2015 James Thomas

How to Tackle Marketing Tech ChallengesInnovation isn’t always easy, and CMOs who are implementing marketing tech strategies may hit some bumps in the road along the way.

As we see from the articles in our roundup this week, some of the challenges may include time delays, budget issues, and lack of alignment among departments. But don’t let those obstacles hold you back. The gains your organization can make through marketing technology are worth all the effort. Keep reading for inspiration and guidance.

Integrating Marketing Technologies? That’s the Easy Part. Chief Marketing Technologist Blog: “You, as a marketer, still need to understand my journey and develop the right content and services to best assist me in that journey. A journey that prospects control the pacing and flow of, not you. A journey that can have many more specialized steps — depending on who the prospect is and what their particular needs are — that you can potentially address, if you recognize it, relate to it, and create the right marketing for that moment.”

Why Time Is the Real Barrier to Marketing Technology Adoption and What To Do About It. CustomerThink: “What’s the real obstacle? Surveys often show that budget, strategy, or technology are the barriers…But when you ask marketers face to face about the obstacles, the reason that comes up is consistently lack of time. My theory on the difference is that people pressed for time don’t answer surveys. And time, as I hinted above, is really a matter of priority: they are spending their time on other things that seem more important.”

Budgets Hold Back Marketing Technology Investment. eMarketer: “More than half of US marketers believe their company does not invest the right amount in marketing technology, and 42% said the marketing technology in place at their company is not up-to-date or sufficient for helping them do their job more effectively. While they wait for more investment, marketers are researching and learning about marketing technology — an important part of the marketing technology purchase cycle. In fact, 59% US marketers prefer to first engage with marketing technology vendor representatives during that stage of the sales cycle.”

5 Tips for Smoother Marketing Tech Implementations. Chief Marketer: “Build relationships between departments. If you’re a marketer, get to know your tech counterparts. Whenever possible, schedule regular meetings over coffee or beer to make sure you understand each other. If you’re a marketer, find someone on the tech side who can be an advisor to ins and outs of that side of the house. Likewise, if you’re a techie, find a marketer who’ll have your back.”

3 Ways in Which CMOs Can Maintain Focus and Navigate the Marketing-Tech Selection Process. MarTechAdvisor: “CMOs should realize that for the greatest positive impact on the business, marketing strategy should direct the marketing technology decisions, and not the other way around. Marketers should start by identifying the problems they face, which could be anything like boosting conversion rates, optimizing programmatic budgets, managing consumer experiences, or reducing the cost per conversion. Once they have identified the problems, they need to seek out the minimum technology investment that will deliver the highest returns.”

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