How to Use Your Marketing Technology More Effectively

May 8, 2015 James Thomas

How to Use Your Marketing Technology More EffectivelyMarketing technology doesn’t have to be complicated. It may take some time to find the solution that’s right for your organization, but simple is always better — you want technology that’s useful, easy to use and gives results you can act on. This week, I’ve collected some articles about how marketing technology can sometimes pose a challenge for organizations — and what they can do about it.

5 Ways to Create a Marketing Technology Frankenstein. CMS Wire: “Your marketing technology platform should do two things. It should facilitate the customer experience and support marketing strategy execution. Acting for reasons that don’t fall into one of those categories (e.g. political ones) means you build things that don’t help move the organization forward. If a technology isn’t adding strategic value to your platform, it’s removing value from it.”

CMOs Struggle to Grasp Marketing Tech Tools. PR Week: “A recent report by Oracle found that few CMOs claim to offer a consistently engaging and personalized customer experience across all channels. More than 20% of the CMOs surveyed said they had trouble understanding their customers’ experience end to end, and needed help in evaluating new marketing technologies.”

A Rock and a Hard Place: Marketing’s Conflicting Demands. Ad Age: “Do your current technologies and marketing platforms embrace the unstructured nature of customer data by connecting behaviors that take place across a variety of online and offline channels to establish one unique account or individual? Do your current technologies and marketing platforms enable and empower you and your team to adapt marketing activities to real-time customer behaviors and adjust the customer experience in real time?”

Marketers, Is Your Data Scalable? MarketingLand: “Are your current systems large enough to handle all the data? Can you process all of the impressions, clicks, traffic through your website and conversions using the same system? Many companies take a shortcut and only measure clicks, but much can be learned from tracking impressions against individuals, seeing what moved them to convert and what didn’t.”

Your Marketing Automation Reality Check: Calculating the Costs of Misuse. Business2Community: “Research from one marketing automation vendor found that 30 percent more time spent analyzing marketing performance data yields three times higher open rates, and two times higher click through rates, on average. If you’ve invested in marketing automation software ?whether you’re actually using the platform or managing the people who are ? you should always have a report of what’s working, what’s not, and what (in benchmarking terms) good looks like.”

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