#Martech: What CMOs Need To Know

April 2, 2015 James Thomas

#martech: What CMOs Need To KnowThis week, marketers gathered in San Francisco at the MarTech Conference. The Allocadia team was there, and we’re proud to represent the new   Performance & Attribution category of marketing technology. Scott Brinker’s incredible supergraphic shows what CMOs are up against when they try to get a handle on marketing technology.

This week, I’ve collected articles that  highlight the changing world of #martech and what CMOs need to know.

As Martech Blossoms, Don’t Forget What It’s For, Scott Brinker Warns. Marketing Land: “Marketers should focus on two things: strategy and architecture. Having clarity in your marketing strategy and a good handle on the precise goals you are trying to achieve will lead you to the technologies you need. From there, you just need enough marketing technology talent to put it all together. ‘You can end up with a very powerful marketing stack, compared to a marketing pile,’ he said.”

Across The Board, CMOs Struggling To Deliver An Integrated Customer Experience. Forbes: “This integrated experience is at the top of the priority list for the CMOs surveyed but only 13 percent of the 110 CMOs surveyed said they are able to truly deliver a personalized and engaging customer experience across channels. Additionally, 21 percent did not even know when it comes to understanding a customer’s end-to-end experience with their brand, and added that they needed help evaluating marketing technologies to be sure they are aligned to the organization’s goals.”

Are You Ready for Market Consolidation and MarTech Spending? CMS Wire: “To truly compete and connect with prospects and customers better, marketers shouldn’t rush out and select just any of the more than 1,800 vendors out there to fix their marketing or customer experience challenges. Start with an understanding of where the brand wants to compete and a strategy for how to address that. Then decide where technology is required to serve the need. For example, if a brand serves a market with a small number of potential customers, automation may not be a big deal for volume, but it may need a way to tailor its web and mobile presence to specific companies and even specific individuals in that company. If an organization serves multiple geographies, it should consider local and cultural differences and how to address those needs. The bar is constantly being raised so it is more critical than ever to ensure technology agility.”

CMO Interview: What It Takes To Be A Smart Marketing Chief. CMO: “SLI Systems CMO Tim Callan explained it’s OK for the CMO not to be the technologist or coder, and to recruit the next gen of tech savvy experts to assist with the customisation process. ‘But what is not OK is to ignore technology and to not embrace it,’ he said. “Or not to be able to recognize the value in the power of this individualized and personalized experience brings to your brand and to your sales process.’”

Martech Unicorns: Why True Marketing Technologists Are So Desperately Rare. Venture Beat: “Because while most marketing technologists say that bridging technical and marketing skill can be done in one person — 94 percent agree — the data shows that they actually see themselves as one or the other. That has implications for hiring and promotion, of course. ‘The needs of an organization may in fact require that the CMT embody a combination of at least two and possibly as many as all six of the archetypes,’ report authors write. That’s hard to find, however, and critical gaps exist: ‘It should be deeply concerning to both marketing technologists and the brands that rely on them that the largest skills gaps are in areas of significant opportunity ([such as] targeting, CRM, and data) and high risk ([such as] information security, performance and resiliency).’”

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