#MarTech Wisdom for the New Year

January 1, 2016 James Thomas

#MarTech Wisdom for the New YearFor many, January 1 represents the opportunity to commit to doing something better. Most of the time these are personal resolutions to eat healthier, exercise more or learn something new. But the start of a new year also represents a time to make resolutions that benefit your business.

After reading articles and reports about what’s ahead in 2016, here are several pieces of wisdom marketers can use when setting new year’s resolutions. Hopefully these articles inspire you to make 2016 your best year yet.

On behalf of the entire Allocadia team, Happy New Year and cheers to keeping your resolutions all year long!

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers

Focus on Revenue

“The ability to trace campaign efforts to specific financial outcomes is paving the way for a new strain of marketing called ‘revenue marketing.’ Revenue marketing is a huge breakthrough, considering marketers have historically had a hard time measuring results. A 2013 study showed that 75 percent of marketers have a hard time calculating ROMI (return on marketing investment). Visibility into revenue is only possible, of course, through the integration of sales and marketing systems — CRM and marketing automation. Leads created and nurtured in a marketing automation platforms (MAP) can now be tracked through the sales pipeline all the way to close.” – TechnologyAdvice

Customize Measurement Data for Different Stakeholders

“If all stakeholders in your organization have access to the same dashboard or set of reports, then you’re certainly missing the mark with some of your audience. Remember, when people are overwhelmed by a sea of data, you can bet on the fact that many will tune out. Solution: Provide value to your stakeholders by customizing their experiences and delivering the right data, at the right level and in the right way.” – Website Magazine

Move to Human-Focused MarTech

“To infuse a more human element into how you use marketing tech, look at how consumer behavioral data collected from one channel is used — if at all — by other channels (one or many) and, more importantly, how that data determines a marketing response. You won’t go to an entirely consumer-driven marketing effort overnight, but decreasing friction between channel data is a start to breaking down the artificial barriers between channels more extensively.” – CMSWire

Prioritize Goals Over “Shiny New Objects”

“Organizations must identify required processes and technology capabilities based on their business goals. Each capability is categorized by its level of priority, using a taxonomy of ‘must,’ ‘should’ and ‘may’ (with the latter category often represented by those tempting ‘Shiny New Object’ technology features). These elements may change over time, and all such changes must be considered every time an analysis of technology capabilities and requirements is conducted.” – SiriusDecisions

Embrace a Multi-Stack Strategy

“The far majority of marketers I talk with are embracing a multi-product stack strategy. These marketing stacks are increasingly ‘rationalized’ — i.e., they are implemented with a clear division of responsibility, de-duped use cases, a workable data interchange strategy, and an overall economy of architecture (as few products needed to achieve success, but no fewer). This is becoming easier with solid platform APIs and ISV ecosystems, plenty of great ‘middleware’ options, a focus on good integration out-of-the-box from specialist martech providers, and more marketing technologist talent at brands to make these interconnections work.” – Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

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