Meet Jocelyn Brown, Our New Champion of Customer Success

April 19, 2016 James Thomas

Jocelyn Brown, VP Customer Success, AllocadiaMarketing is often one of the first touch points that a customer has with a brand or company. And customer success is arguably the last, where — in the SaaS world especially — the customer has continued interactions with that company in order to derive continued value from their product or service.

But if both are essentially shaping the customer experience, does it make sense that the two departments live more closely together?

We think it does. Earlier this year, we made a big change to the way we approach customer experience. Instead of thinking about revenue marketing (how prospective customers experience Allocadia) and customer experience (how current customers experience Allocadia) as two unconnected teams, we pulled these two groups together under the marketing umbrella.

We’ve always been customer-obsessed — our founders built their very first prototype based on customer feedback. Now, under this new team structure, we are able to put even more importance on the customer journey, from initial research to the purchase all the way through the lifetime relationship with a customer. I think of marketing as an entire lifecycle. We’re always asking: What do customers need from us? How do they engage with us? What could we do better? And I’m seeing a trend: More organizations, like Allocadia, are connecting their customer-facing teams to be able to provide customers with a consistent experience and, essentially, build deeper relationships.

To help us deliver on our customer obsession, we’re welcoming Jocelyn Brown to our team as Allocadia’s new VP of Customer Success. Jocelyn starts today, and she will play an extremely important role in fulfilling our customer-focused mission.

We asked Jocelyn a few questions about how she’ll approach her new role at Allocadia.

Tell us about your career working with marketers.

My career has always been about supporting marketing in some way. My first job was at DoubleClick in the early days of online advertising. I quickly learned that I loved marketing and the people who work in it. I love helping them tackle the problems they’re trying to solve. Through my career, I’ve worked in media and ad sales, I’ve educated the next generation of marketers about online advertising, and I’ve spent a lot of time working with marketing software.

How did you get involved with customer success?

Most recently, I spent more than nine years at Eloqua. I got my first introduction to customer success there. At the time, it was a relatively new function. Customer success grew out of the SaaS model — when your customers are subscription-based, it’s easy for them to move solutions. Companies have an obligation to help their customers succeed, and they started investing in customers throughout the lifecycle to help them get the most out of the tools.

I spent six years helping customers adopt and use Eloqua on marketing automation projects to drive demand gen. It was my job to make sure we fulfilled the promises we made in the sales cycle — that customers saw real value, were able to do their jobs better, and deliver revenue results to their organization. I was consulting, teaching and partnering with marketers for the long term.

Why are you excited about joining Allocadia?

Allocadia is a mature product with a strong customer base. Customers love the product, and there’s tons of opportunity to explore what value we’re bringing to customers and how we can do more to help them run marketing better, with more insight into spend and investments. Allocadia helps make marketing a strategic investment, and I’m excited to share that with marketers.

Marketing is a fascinating space right now. Marketing is starting to own customer experience, customer service, and all sorts of strategic parts of the business. Marketing is getting a bigger share of the budget and really driving more of the communication with customers. That comes with a responsibility to budget, plan and spend in an effective way, and to deliver to customers after they purchase.

I see a huge opportunity to partner with marketers and help them understand what they need to be a leader in their companies and drive profitability and growth.

What are your goals for your first few months at Allocadia?

Marketers learn a lot from their peers, so I want to make sure Allocadia customers feel like they’re in a community where they can get advice, work with other top marketers and innovative thinkers, and share stories to help each other.

My first objective will be to get in the field with marketers as much as I can. I want to help our customers learn from each other, since our customers are the greatest pool of knowledge and experience. We work directly with a lot of the unsung heroes of marketing — the people who manage accounting and finance. The power is connecting all of these great marketers with each other.

Where do you look for new ideas and inspiration?

My customers have always been my greatest teachers. They’ve taught me what great marketing looks like. I’ve been able to see a broad range of companies and strategies through long-term customer relationships. My best learning comes from asking people what they’re working on.

I’m perpetually in learning mode. I read a lot about customer success, company culture and startups, and SaaS businesses. For marketing, a couple of my favorite sources are IAB and ClickZ. Most recently, I started using Medium which has a ton of interesting content about tech and customer success but mostly rely on my network to curate what’s interesting for me. I also belong to a couple of customer success LinkedIn groups where I find a lot of new ideas.

To learn more about Jocelyn, connect with her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.

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