More Lessons from #SDSummit: Marketing Alignment at All Levels

October 23, 2015 James Thomas

More Lessons from #SDSummit: Marketing Alignment at All LevelsWe’re recovering from jetlag after coming home from London for the sixth annual EMEA Sirius Decisions Summit (#SDSummit), but we’re excited about all we learned while we were there. We heard again and again about how alignment is vital for marketing to be successful, and that it needs to happen across all aspects of the organization: with sales, with IT, and among C-level leaders.

The article below provides tips for CMOs on building alignment in their organizations for better business success.

Six Ways Sales and Marketing Can Align With Customers and Grow Revenue. MarketingProfs: “Marketing and Sales need to divide the customer base into personas and regularly discuss the buying behavior of each persona. From there, a plan to communicate with valued information to each persona can be developed that keeps customer engagement high. In addition, the email communication plan should be transparent to Sales so that it can flag active opportunities—to have them removed from communications during the sales cycle if doing so makes sense.”

Three Considerations As Marketing Spend On Technology Skyrockets. MediaPost: “In addition to choosing valuable team members, marketers must also have an in-depth understanding of technologies that foster innovation and provide a vision beyond today’s goals, reaching forward to future possibilities for business development and growth. Implementing processes that empower the enterprise business engine to shift gears, and continually make improvements that drive the business more effectively and efficiently, provides the final step in optimum operational alignment for any marketing organization.”

Why It’s Time To Check Your Sales And Marketing Alignment. Marketing Land: “An empowered buyer is exactly what a sales and marketing organization should be targeting. Sales and marketing should unite to determine who their ideal customer is and how to reveal their latent pain and to move the customer to a place where they are more successful because of the product or service being offered. Marketing cannot do this alone. Sales cannot do this alone. But together, they can create an environment for the prospect that increases the prospect’s propensity to buy. And when there are deals being closed, everyone wins.”

The Benefits of a CIO-CMO Partnership; Rise of the CMT. SearchCIO: “One benefit of CIOs quickly establishing trust with CMOs is that marketing teams will feel more comfortable keeping IT in the loop on a new project, even if, say, they’re planning on using plug-in technology that won’t necessarily require IT’s help. More important, a relationship of trust ensures that CIOs will know whether the project touches enterprise data or core applications, creating a privacy or security issue, said Duane Schulz, chief marketing technologist (CMT) at Xerox.”

10 Tips for Achieving CMO-CIO Alignment. CMO: “Aligning KPIs across marketing and IT functions is vital if the two sides are going to work towards the same outcome for the business. For Forrester VP and principal analyst, Shar VanBoskirk, these should be based around customer-oriented objectives, such as customer experience. ‘For most companies to date, the two functions are not goaled on the same things,’ she pointed out. ‘IT traditionally has been very focused on internal statistics such as cost, systems uptime or internal productivity applications, for example.’”

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