New Allocadia Feature: Approvals

June 23, 2015 Brad Hefferon

New Allocadia Feature: ApprovalsThis week, as part of Product Release 60, the Allocadia team rolled out an exciting new feature: Marketing Approvals.

We know that marketers on large teams at enterprise organizations spend a lot of time and effort requesting marketing budget approvals, and reviewing those requests. This is especially true for businesses that require granular control over their marketing spend, such as those in highly regulated industries like finance or health care.

So, we’ve developed a feature to streamline those workflows and save organizations time. Allocadia’s Approvals feature optimizes the workflows that enterprise organizations are used to, in one centralized place.

This new feature dramatically simplifies the process of making budget requests and obtaining approvals. When a marketer adds a new line item to a budget, he or she can easily submit it for approval to the designated budget owner, team lead or supervisor.

Then, the budget owner can review all requested changes in the context of the overall budget in Allocadia and mark each request as “approved” or “denied.”

Users can see a full history of all approvals and denials, including all budget changes and the reason each change was approved or denied. That means no more wasting time hunting down approvals in old email chains.

Handling approvals within Allocadia also removes the need for a “middle man” project manager role to coordinate and aggregate spreadsheet-based budgets. Communication between the people doing marketing and those running marketing becomes much more direct.

The new Approvals feature will also streamline budget management for enterprises that work with outside partners such as distributors or resellers. Partners and partner managers can collaborate on budgets directly in Allocadia, instead of by endlessly emailing spreadsheets back and forth.

Watch for more new enterprise-ready enhancements in the coming months!

Learn more about the new Allocadia Approvals feature.

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