Press Play: 5 Ways to Utilize B2B Video Marketing

September 16, 2016 James Thomas

Press Play: 5 Ways to Utilize B2B Video MarketingYou don’t have to look far in your social feeds to see the surge in video content. But video marketing isn’t just for consumers. According to the Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Report, 79 percent of B2B marketers are using video marketing as a tactic today.

And over 70 percent of respondents in a Vidyard survey said that video content produces better conversions than any other form of content.

Video marketing takes many forms – from explainer and product feature videos, to webinars and testimonials, to videos specifically made for social media sharing, livestreamed video and more. Ready to press play and utilize more video in your B2B marketing? Here’s how several companies are successfully using it and measuring performance.

Create Different Videos for Different Funnel Stages

“Not all videos are alike, and not all videos should be made for the awareness phase, or ‘top of the funnel’. There are a few different types of videos you should consider creating in a B2B organization…

  1. Awareness videos
  2. Research and decision-making videos
  3. Customer support and knowledge videos”

– Read more at Diginomica.

Use Video as a Sales Tool

“Savvy sales reps are using smartphones and webcams to record personal greetings or to send a follow up message following a meeting. Many reps are leveraging video testimonials to showcase how other clients are achieving success. Vidyard also saw the rise of “micro demo” video libraries as a way of boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of online product demos. Instead of relying on a Solutions Consultants (SCs) to deliver live demos to every prospect, modern sales teams are enabling reps to create a customized on-demand product demo by assembling a series of short videos on different topics into a simple playlist for viewing by the prospect. Not only does this improve efficiency and reduce the number of hours spent by SCs on demos, it provides an opportunity for the demo to be shared more broadly within an organization and viewed at a time that is most convenient.” – Read more at Huffington Post.

Make a Plan for Livestreaming

“The question isn’t whether to invest in live video, it’s where to put your resources. Every platform has its own strengths, weaknesses and relative quirks, and only the biggest, deepest-pocketed brands can afford to target them all at the same time. For most other companies, choices must be made.” – Review the options and read more at the Content Standard.

Start Snappin’ Too

“Companies are using Snapchat to connect and engage with viewers by offering behind-the-scenes footage. For example, B2B stalwart IBM offers a behind-the-scenes look into their technology, showing how they collect tennis match data, analyze it, and distribute scores and statistics. Snapchat is built to be a fun platform for sharing. So make sure that the footage you share is interesting and entertaining for your target audience to drive optimal interest and engagement.” – Read more at Business 2 Community.

Measure New Metrics

In this interview, Dollar Shave Club CMO Adam Weber says: “When you do things in digital, you can track them back to your website. We look at last clicks and what volume of traffic of consumers are coming to our site to buy. There’s also some upstream metrics that we look at and that we’ll evaluate ROI on. We’ll look at things like video completion rate, which is a way of really measuring how effective your ad was at reaching the consumer and how engaged they were with it. We’ll look at metrics that are a little bit more brand-centric around likelihood to buy in the future, brand familiarity and aspects that we’re trying to invest in for the long term — which predict future customers, but may not result in immediate customers like a lot of digital landscapes or digital ads really try to force you into.” – Read more at Marketing Land.

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