Run Marketing… So You Can Do More Marketing

April 6, 2016 Allocadia

Today’s marketers have two jobs: “Running Marketing” and “Doing Marketing”.

All marketers do marketing.

Sometimes we call this the “art” of marketing; other times, the “front-office” of marketing.

Whatever you call it, the do side of marketing is marketing as you probably know it: campaign managers, event specialists, digital marketers, public relations pros, demand generation experts and marketing automation gurus working to to drive demand and grow market share, and plan, design and execute engaging customer experiences.

In their toolboxes is a myriad of marketing technologies including CRM, Marketing Automation and Adtech  – all designed to help them attract, acquire, convert, retain, and turn customers into advocates.

But in today’s business world, solely focusing on the do will only get marketers so far.

Allocadia: Run Marketing / Do Marketing


The most successful marketers also run marketing.

This is the strategic arm or the “back office” of marketing, what goes on behind the scenes to make all the execution possible.

The best marketers in the world  strategize, plan and proactively manage their investments. They analyze their performance. They determine where and how their dollars can work the hardest. Then they reallocate and analyze some more.

Because they know that thoughtful spending leads to informed decisions, which leads to driving real business value. They know that the work that goes on in “back office” determines whether the do part of marketing, the execution, will succeed or fail.

Allocadia: Run Marketing / Do Marketing Loop

World-class marketers merge both of these jobs.

All those different types of marketers above who do marketing? They’re also the same ones who run it.

It makes sense because how you RUN marketing informs what you DO in marketing.

When marketing is run efficiently, with full visibility into where investments are going and absolute clarity as to how they are performing — organizations have the power to strategically reallocate dollars to where they drive the greatest impact. Without “running” marketing, marketers will never be able to “do” marketing with true success.

Organizations that run marketing with intention have greater control, drive more revenue, and gain mindshare with the CEO and board.

When it comes to making business impact, all marketers count.

Running marketing is no longer the sole responsibility of the CMO.

Today, each marketer plans, budgets and measures their return on investment. They share the responsibility of managing and optimizing the business of marketing. And when we say ‘responsibility’, really, we mean ‘opportunity’ because when the budgeting, planning and performance side of marketing is functioning smoothly, marketers can spend more time doing marketing (which is what we all want, at the end of the day).

When they both do and run marketing, marketers count — they count marketing dollars, and they count because they contribute to corporate goals and the bottom line.

Run Marketing with Allocadia

At Allocadia, our vision is a world where marketers make every dollar count.

It’s why we give marketers a radically better way to plan, budget and measure ROI with our leading Marketing Performance Management (MPM) solution.

We enable marketers to make smarter marketing decisions.
We enable marketers to run their organizations like businesses.
We enable marketers to spend less time running marketing and more time doing marketing.

Run Marketing is a part of every marketer’s life.

Visit our #RunMarketing page to get inspired by how your colleagues run marketing, and take a moment to tell us: how do you run marketing?

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