#RunMarketing Contest Update: The End Is Near

August 10, 2016 Allocadia

The end is near! But don’t worry–that means it’s almost time for prizes.

Our #RunMarketing contest kicked off in the spring and since then we’ve been challenging marketers like you at marketing technology events and on social media to tell us “how YOU run marketing”.

“What I love most about this campaign is that it gave marketers the opportunity to get creative again. And everyone got into it! Marketing is supposed to be fun – that’s why we got into it in the first place. It was so great to see them laugh, to see them make it personal, to have them think of the metaphor that best describes them as marketers. What I loved was watching people walk away proud — and smiling, especially if they got brave and pushed the envelope a bit — they were able to creatively sum up what kind of marketer they are in less than 10 seconds.” – James Thomas, CMO of Allocadia

He’s right. This campaign WAS fun. Everyone DID get creative. I mean, look at some of these entries.

A Few #RunMarketing Contest Highlights

Who comes up with this stuff?!

Marketers do. (Hollaaaaaa!!!! That’s us.)

Last Chance to Enter the #RunMarketing Contest

The contest isn’t over just yet. If you haven’t already entered, you still have time. (But not a lot, so flag this task as High Priority and get to it.)

Tell us how YOU #RunMarketing! Flex that right brain like we know you can. We dare you.

RunMarketing Contest Prizes

And wait—did we mention there are prizes? Really awesome prizes?

You could win the random draw for the Grand Prize Pack which consists of a $500 Book Bundle, $1000 Starbucks gift card, 12 months Spotify and of course, a pair of the iconic green kicks. Everyone who participates is eligible to win, whether you entered at an event or via our online form–video or no video.

And Vote For Your Favorite Video!

Marketers who also submitted a video are also eligible to win the Voter’s Choice Prize, which is a $1000 iTunes gift card. This prize is for video entries only and it’s all based on popular vote – the video that receives the most votes by Aug 31 wins! Click here to find out who’s in the lead so far.

You are ALL encouraged to go in, watch some of these hilarious and creative videos and vote for your favorite. Which hit home for you most? Which made you ROFL IRL?  And for goodness’ sake, if your video is up there—share it! Get your friends, family and biggest fans to vote for you so you can be the triumphant one with the impressive iTunes movie library.

Contest closes August 31, 2016. So get involved and do it fast!


And hey, the contest may be ending but the campaign isn’t over. This was just the beginning! We want to tell the full story of how marketers #RunMarketing successfully and how they do it in the real world. But more on that to come.

Allocadia helps you run marketing so you can do more marketing. Learn more about our #RunMarketing campaign here.

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