Shannon Murphy Joins Allocadia as Head of Global Sales

November 18, 2015 Kasia Finkelstein

What’s a Canadian two-dollar coin called?

What does a “double-double” mean at Tim Horton’s?

We recently learned Shannon Murphy doesn’t know the answer to either of those questions. (For all our non-Canadian readers, the answers are: Twonie; a coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars.) But he does know a lot about technology sales, and we’re excited to announce that he’s joining the Allocadia team as new global head of sales!

Shannon is based in San Francisco and comes to Allocadia with more than 20 years of experience developing customer relationships and building sales organizations at high-growth organizations. In the enterprise marketing space, he expanded the sales team at Lithium Technologies from 5 to 26 people and took the company from $8 million to $28 million over the course of just 24 months.

We asked Shannon a few questions about how he’ll approach his new role at Allocadia.

Why are you excited to join the Allocadia team?

Usually, a company this size doesn’t have the analyst coverage and relationships Allocadia brings to the table. Allocadia is in the forefront, already getting a lot of coverage and forming important partnerships. And Allocadia’s partnerships aren’t about adding another logo to the website — we have meaningful partnerships that solve real problems in other technology providers’ marketing cloud initiatives. That helps a lot for a sales leader.

Allocadia’s partnerships with IBM, Marketo and Oracle impressed me. I’m looking forward to working side-by-side with Gavin Henry, Allocadia’s head of channel partnerships, to execute on those partnerships.

What’s your sales leadership philosophy?

Lead by doing.

I’m a very active, engaged leader. I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and check my metrics once a month — I want to help our sales team evolve and share my experience.

In general, organizations have moved to more marketing-generated pipelines. I’m old-school in that I think sales should still be responsible for a portion of its own pipeline. So I want to help the sales team get creative in how they use tools like social media, email and even some old-school philosophies like mail to reach customers where they are and get them the content that’s relevant to their needs.

What are your first priorities in your new role?

Every growing organization needs to set up solid processes, and that’s what I’ll do first. I like to make decisions based on metrics, so I’ll use the sales team’s history to make decisions for the future.

When you join a fast-growing company, it’s also important to step back and watch first. Before I make any changes or implement my own strategy, I’m going to get an understanding for how the team works.

What do you look for in a sales performer?

Everyone brings their own flair and personality to the sales process, but it’s critical to understand a few fundamental sales approaches:

  • How the market works.
  • How to listen for feedback from the customer and apply it.
  • How to share stories that matter to each customer.

Any final words?

I’m impressed by what Allocadia has already accomplished in the marketing technology space. We have the tools in place to succeed. We have incredibly talented people on our team. Now we just have to execute on our success, and I’m excited to be a part of that.

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