Study: Marketing Returns Are Good, But CMOs Want More Data

March 6, 2015 James Thomas

Study: Marketing Returns Are Good, But CMOs Want More DataInfogroup Media Solutions released a study this week that found that almost half of marketers are starting to see returns on their data-related investments. But while marketers are seeing ROI, there’s room for improvement: About half of marketers said they want more, more accurate data.

Getting the marketing performance data you want can be a challenge. Read on for more about the study and how to better target your data-gathering efforts.

Big Data’s Big Payday: Marketers Approach ROI Tipping Point in 2015. Infogroup Media Solutions: “In 2012, our survey found that marketers were “data-rich and insight-poor” as they struggled to keep up with the deluge of available customer data. To convert that information into actionable intelligence, they planned to spend and hire heavily in the year ahead. A year later, we found that marketers had largely succeeded in laying a foundation for effective data-driven marketing strategies, and they were prepared to take a big step forward in the area of big data by shifting their focus to analytics in 2014. The DMA 2014 survey of almost 600 of the top marketers in the world found that those efforts are starting to pay off in a big way. In 2015, more than half of all marketers expect to see a positive return on their data-related investments for the first time–a milestone certainly worth celebrating after years of hard work.”

Marketers Say They Don’t Collect Enough Customer Data. Multichannel Merchant: “The findings come as investment in data-driven marketing reaches a tipping point. More than three out of five companies (62 percent) have started investing in data marketing solutions. Investment in data-as-a-service or software-as-a-service (DaaS or SaasS) is up from 54 percent in 2013. And almost half of brands (47 percent) are already seeing a positive return on data-related investments, with another 15 percent expecting to see a payoff for the first time in 2015 – meaning the majority of marketers will be seeing ROI this year.”

How Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) is Revolutionizing Marketing. Smart Data Collective:For years, organizations have been reliant on their internal data or data enhancements from list brokers. This is stagnant data compiled from third parties. DaaS on the other hand is transformational in nature — a revolutionary way of mining today’s massive data sets to find qualified prospects in the market now for what a company is selling. Rather than focusing on developing and managing an intricate network of data, companies can focus on the business outcomes and marketing advantages of big data.  Generating immediate revenue from big data is a universal goal for most marketers — and DaaS makes this possible for businesses across any type of industry.”

Car Brands Are Starting to Get the Marketing Data They’ve Always Wanted. AdWeek: “Connecting digital impressions with real-world shopping is essentially the Holy Grail for ad-selling publishers and platforms, which want to woo more brands that belong to the consumer-packaged goods, pharmaceutical, fast food and, yes, automotive sectors. Arianne Walker, senior director of media and marketing solutions at J.D. Power, commented that the companies ‘are able to provide the industry with information to make well-informed online marketing decisions that actually help sell cars.’”

Why Speed and Agility Is Important to Your Analytics. EConsultancy: “A new IBM white paper identified the characteristics that allow businesses to use speed in analytics as a competitive advantage. It found that the components that differentiate organizations most are those capable of creating an agile and flexible infrastructure, one designed to manage data efficiently and move it through the analytics process quickly.”

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