Taking Marketing Performance Insights to an Entirely New Level

October 26, 2016 Katherine Berry

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to marketing performance insights, they can also translate to a more effective use of your budget and more revenue for your organization.

We’re excited to introduce a significantly better way for marketers to view, understand and act upon insights related to how their marketing investments are performing with our latest product release.

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It’s been months in the making, and the product of countless deep and thoughtful conversations with some of our most innovative, forward-thinking customers and consultations with industry experts.

The powerful Allocadia dashboards are going to change the way you think about marketing performance.

This is so much more than just a good looking set of dashboards. We’ve redesigned our analytics from the ground up to help you better understand what’s happening with your plans and results so you can more easily answer the critical business questions you need to be able to excel in your role and #RunMarketing more effectively.

We’re calling it “better decision support” because we now present that data not only in a way that’s easier to grasp at a glance, but with specific guidance to help support decision making. It’s no longer all on you to interpret and make sense of your data – we are here to help marketers like you make the maximum impact on your business.

Why We Evolved Our Dashboards

Today’s marketers have access to a lot of information. Data is helpful, but it can quickly become overwhelming. We saw an opportunity to distill the noise down to its core meaning so that marketers can make smarter decisions.

Allocadia is different because it manages all your plan and investment data. It also connects to third party CRM, marketing automation and finance systems, and this combined data provides a whole new data set for marketers to analyze in a way that reveals marketing’s impact on the bottom line.

By shining the light on what’s working and what isn’t and guiding you in making sense of the information, our purpose is to help you make the most of your investments.

And of course, we built our latest generation of dashboards on our customers’ needs and also on best practices in the market to help our customers always stay one step ahead — the way Allocadia has always been built.

Ryan Danner quote - Allocadia

How to Make Better Marketing Decisions with Allocadia’s Improved Dashboards

Allocadia MPM dashboards enable marketers at all levels, as well as finance leaders, to more easily answer business questions such as:

  • How are bottom-up program investment plans matching up against strategic targets?
  • Are the field marketing plans and budgets aligned with corporate goals?
  • Are we investing sufficiently in the right mix of programs and activities to achieve our stated business objectives?
  • What impact are my activities having on revenue, based on a range of attribution models?
  • Which programs and activities are achieving the targeted ROI, and which aren’t? Which business units and product lines are beating ROI expectations?

This update includes five new dashboards to help marketers understand the impact they have on company objectives and offer decision support. There are two new dashboards for the planning stage and three for the tracking stage. They are:

  1. Investment Planning – revealing how bottom-up plans are taking shape by campaign, product, and activity type, and how close the organization is to meeting its investment targets
  2. Pipeline Planning – revealing how close your plans align to pre-determined pipeline targets, and where you need to adjust
  3. Investment Tracking – revealing how forecast, committed and actual spend is occurring in these areas
  4. Pipeline Tracking – revealing actual results of your marketing activities brought in from your CRM solution, and whether or not you’re on track to hit your pipeline targets
  5. Tactical ROI – a first-, last-, and multi-touch attribution model view of your marketing activities that connects investment data from Allocadia with campaign performance data from Salesforce CRM, so you can answer different investment-related questions about the customer journey

When it comes to ROI, these dashboards are designed to tell two distinct stories: first, they shed light on the tactical ROI view of your marketing activities, as mentioned above. But perhaps more significantly for the CMO, they also tell the strategic ROI story around how your team’s investments are connected to corporate objectives. Put simply, this second story shows you if you’re spending in the right strategic areas, and what return you’re earning on those investments. Support for your strategic objectives is the highest order of marketing performance that leadership should care about.

The dashboards surface some information that wasn’t previously available, including:

  • Impact modeler: See how much revenue your budgeted tactics would generate.
  • Attribution: Understand which tactics work best for bringing new leads in the door (first touch),staying with the customer along the journey (multi-touch) and closing deals (last touch).
  • Areas to pinpoint for action: Marketing leaders can quickly see which marketing teams have completed their budgeting and planning and which teams still have work to do. Spot the highest-performing groups and the groups that need help.
  • Health Check: A quick way to see how accurate your data is for each dashboard. For example, if you see in the Health Check that you have a significant percentage of activities planned but not associated with any key objectives or target markets, you will know that your summary statistics may not tell the whole story.

In a nutshell, we’re helping marketers plan for and truly understand ROI. People often think of ROI as a look over your shoulder exercise, but if you have the right data, you can plan for specific ROI in advance, and set your budgeting and marketing plan to help you achieve your goal.

Marketers are getting smarter, and we’re excited to be the source of record for tracking and evaluating marketing’s impact on the organization.

Want to learn more about Allocadia dashboards? Contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at hello@allocadia.com


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