Technology Increasingly Connects Marketing and Sales

June 19, 2015 James Thomas

Technology Increasingly Connects Marketing and Sales mainMarketing and IT aren’t the only departments that are working more closely together because of advances in technology — sales and marketing are growing closer as well. Marketing teams are finding that sales departments are interested in the kinds of information marketing technology can deliver, and this can mean a new level of collaboration.

This week, I’ve gathered helpful articles that look at how technology is bringing sales and marketing together, as well as how marketing technology is changing the way companies approach marketing.

Marketing Tech is Moving Down the Funnel to Sales, and That’s a Big Deal. Venture Beat: “Because the rhythm of a sales executive’s work day is radically different, the way they interact with software needs to be different as well. Marketers hunts for impressions or leads, while sales cares about relationships and closing deals. Marketing primarily cares about quantitative metrics, and sales primarily cares about quality. In many ways, these innovations are consumerizing marketing technology: Tools that were deployed on a large scale, mostly by specialists, are being repackaged in mobile, easy-to-use apps. These apps are then adopted and deployed by individual sales reps before they become part of the team’s toolbox.”

Sales Reps Increasingly Adopting Marketing Tech. Marketing Dive: “More than ever before, the marketing funnel is increasingly becoming intertwined with sales, leveraging technology and data to improve their work. Any disconnect only confuses the process; startups and established tech companies are finding success by catering directly to sales reps and not just the marketing department. Digital strategies have helped close gaps between marketing and the end users — sales software is the next evolution of that trend.”

Top 6 Ways That Marketing Supports B2B Sales and Revenue. Business2Community: “Effective lead-to-revenue machines result from a tight partnership between marketing and sales functions, aligning processes, people and technology. Both departments have to execute their specific roles efficiently – based on the target metrics agreed to in the planning stages. Note that the marketing department must not be a junior partner in this process – both parties are equally accountable.”

Why Modern Marketing Takes More Than Just Guts. NetPerspectives from NetProspex: “If marketers don’t regularly touch base with the sales team, they are bound to miss a wealth of actionable insights collected from their colleagues on the other side of buying cycle. For example, if the marketing department continuously sends what they’ve defined as qualified leads through the sales pipeline, but the sales department is having trouble converting these leads, then marketing must be alerted right away. You can’t just throw leads over the transom and figure your job is done.”

3 Ways Marketers are Failing with Tech. CIO: “Yet marketers are slow to climb the technology curve. As marketing and technology disciplines merge, marketers tend to push back, or at least not embrace technology at a level needed to be successful. For instance, Online Marketing Institute surveyed Fortune 500 and ad agency executives and found that only 8 percent have digital teams that are strong across the digital spectrum.”


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