The 3-Course Meal Of Intelligent Growth: What’s On The Menu At SiriusDecisions Summit

May 24, 2016 Allocadia

The 11th annual SiriusDecisions Summit kicked off today in Nashville, Tennessee. Yeehaw!! (Sorry—had to.) As Tony Jaros, EVP Chief Research and Product Officer at SiriusDecisions, took the stage, he introduced the theme for this year’s event: The Art & Science of Intelligent Growth. As marketers, we know art and science go hand in hand, as a recipe for success. As our CMO, James Thomas, puts it, “today marketers need to be one-half Don Draper and one-half Bill Nye”. (You know… the ‘Science Guy’?) Now this is true for all industries, but is easy to see in areas such as music, or even food. Industries like this appear to be all about the creative, and while that’s true, there is a lot of method (and process and standardization) behind the madness.

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Tony introduced a new model to help B2B organizations capitalize on change, which, he suggests, is happening around us and also, because of us. (We’re just all such disruptors, aren’t we?) Tony took us through the steps of this process and was followed by Celebrity Chef, Marcus Samuelsson to talk about his experiences with growth. We sat, our mouths salivating over all the references to local fried chicken, and realized… this process is almost like a 3-course meal. Here’s how SiriusDecisions explains it (with a twist).

Appetizer: Adopt

First things first, your organization needs to know what to do in the face of an opportunity or threat. SiriusDecisions aims to help you select the right model to address critical business challenges.

Main Course: Operationalize

Next up, the how. How are you going to understand steps, resources, best practices and infrastructure required to enact your plan? SiriusDecisions will work with your team to implement a model.

Dessert: Optimize

And to finish it all off, you need a thirst for continuous improvement. SiriusDecisions will help you broaden and deepen the model’s impact.

Get it? Now who’s hungry? We’re certainly hungry for more, and luckily this is only Day 1 of the event, so we have a lot more great information ahead of us. I’m sure there will be many more frameworks, and more talk around the hot topics in marketing these days, including account-based marketing, data, statistics and customer experience (which Marcus touched on already).

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SiriusDecisions has also added a lot of new features to this year’s event, which are sure to make it better than ever. They’ve included SiriusLabs—working group-style presentations to get the audience involved. They’re also trying something out they call Encore, which gives attendees the ability to vote to have a session re-ran in case they missed it. And, they’re even offering branded blankets, because as we know, these conference centre rooms are often chilly. Oh and we can’t forget the Surival Kits that were left in attendees rooms—including chapstick, Vitamin C, an antacid, pain killers and even a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey. Very cute. (As marketers, we just had to give this a shout out.)

If you’re here at the event—awesome. Come by booth #205. We want to talk about how you #RunMarketing AND hook you up with some snazzy green kicks (you’ll need them to run off all the calories in all that spicy fried chicken).

If you’re not here with us, be sure to follow along on Twitter (@allocadia) as we share our favourite takeaways, and for heaven’s sakes, don’t miss the next one, okay?

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