The MPM Power Couple: Technology + Methodology

June 20, 2016 Allocadia


As Marketing Performance Management (MPM) technologies become essential elements of a marketing organization’s daily operations, we’re increasingly seeing the need for them to be integrated within organizational processes to ensure true success.

That’s why we partner with QuintoVate, a management consulting firm with broad experience in Marketing Operations and a singular focus on Marketing Performance. Quintovate consultants strengthen the role of marketing by creating alignment and improving communication among marketing, finance, and IT. Together, we empower our customers to run best-in-class marketing organizations.

Please welcome our guest blogger, Brian Brownrigg, Managing Director at Quintovate, to share his perspective on the synergy between technology and process methodology.

The MPM Power Couple: Technology + Methodology

The Marketing Performance Management Power CoupleMarketers often express challenges such as, “My forecast is always different from Finance’s numbers” or, “Excel is great for tracking spend, as long as you don’t ask me to compare what I spent to what I planned to spend!”. These frustrations are nothing new to marketers. What’s also not new is that while marketers thrive on doing cutting-edge, sophisticated marketing campaigns, they also want to hold themselves accountable for results that drive business growth. Marketers know that along with accountability comes the opportunity to be recognized as a center of excellence by the rest of the organization.

So, what is new?

As Management Consultants and technology integrators at QuintoVate, we’ve been excited about Marketing Performance for nearly 15 years. We’ve watched the Marketing Operations environment grow from a budding area of practice within a handful of leading-edge companies into a widely-adopted, mature discipline with real industry thought leaders and a real technology ecosystem.

With strategic partnerships with firms like Allocadia, we help bring Marketing Performance capabilities to Finance-caliber levels without lengthy, complicated deployments. SaaS solutions like Allocadia that seamlessly connect to Finance systems of record (Planning and ERP) and to Performance and Campaign data like Marketing Automation and Salesforce Automation, are the most robust and marketer-friendly tools yet. Finally, Marketing can look Finance in the eye and say, “We can all trust our numbers because our data is your data.”

Turning Marketing Performance Goals into Reality

quintovate_5eWith the shift toward organizations prioritizing nimbleness, proactivity and accountability, the growing challenge for marketers is answering not only how do we convey marketing performance, but how do we go farther and make smarter, more cost effective decisions on how to invest our marketing dollars and improve upon our past performances. Marketing Performance Management (MPM) is the hot topic on every marketers mind, but we already know that we need to be doing it; the real question is how?

QuintoVate speaks all languages required to guide even the largest, most complicated organizations through the MPM process. This means that we can help Marketing, Finance, and IT work together in a seamless, nimble, integrated way to achieve Marketing Performance in ways that were unachievable until recent years.

QuintoVate has dedicated our business and methodology around helping marketers Envision, Engage, Enable, Enrich, and Enhance their organizations toward MPM. Our “5Es” methodology is how we help organizations at any stage of their MPM pursuits: from beginning down the path to performance, to new deployments of process and technology, towards a full, robust MPM program with measurable results.

Climbing the Path to Performance

We strongly believe Performance is the 5th P of marketing, and that Marketing, Finance, and IT all play a role together to realize the benefits of MPM. Marketing executives who know that 5th P is critical to their business are taking action to implement a performance-driven Marketing team.

Together, our teams at Allocadia and Quintovate help organizations plot their course along the five-stage maturity scale; whether they are Stage Two looking to become a Stage Three, or a Stage One driving toward a Stage Five, we help understand the technology, process, and organizational constraints currently in the way, determine how to remove those constraints, and develop the road map and execution plan to achieve the goals.

With performance in mind and the right technologies and methodologies at hand, today’s CMOs and marketers are better equipped to navigate the MPM path with confidence.

As you can tell, we love to talk about MPM and other trends marketers, managers and executives are seeing throughout their marketing organizations and the marketing community as a whole. We would love to hear all your thoughts and options. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

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