There’s A Framework For That

September 27, 2016 James Thomas

FRAMEWORKIt’s official. The buzzword for the show is “alignment”. If you’ve ever heard of SiriusDecisions, you know that their mandate is to support and guide organizations through business challenges and changes. To do this, they have created a multitude of frameworks. There are gazillions of them! And some are frameworks of even more detailed frameworks.

As Apple has an app for everything, SiriusDecisions is seemingly capable of offering a solution to anything you need. No matter what your business challenge is, there’s a framework for that.

At SiriusDecisions Summit 2016 in Europe this week, a variety of speakers walked us through all-too-familiar, complex issues they have heard that their customers are facing. And, conveniently offered a framework to correspond and help resolve each one! Check!

We’re not going to dive into incredible detail (this is a blog, not a complete success manual) but let us at least highlight a few that were mentioned at the event this week.

Customer-Centric Framework

SiriusDecisions customers, Iron Mountain, underwent a massive re-focusing of their business offerings and did a fantastic job of creating value propositions that really aligned with their customer needs. They used a framework to help guide their work and found great success!

Audience Framework

Marisa Kopec of SiriusDecisions, talked about shifting focus from Product- to Audience-Centric and reminds us all that while we do have to consider buying centres, companies and segments, ultimately it’s people who are involved in purchasing decisions. She recommends using this framework to help guide you through this important transition.

Go-To-Market Architecture Model

Later in the show, Marisa was up on stage again, showing us this high-level framework, which encompasses the above-mentioned Audience Framework, and provides a roadmap for everyone involved that outlines the go-t0-market plan. (See? Frameworks, upon frameworks.)

Metrics & Measurement Framework

CommScope was recognized as European Programme of the Year in the area of Marketing Operations. They implemented Metrics & Measurement Frameworks to prove marketing impact!

Sales Enablement Framework

Tata Communications also received shout outs for it’s awesome work in Sales Enablement. They mapped their enablement to the buyer’s journey and considered five key areas including Methods, Interlock, Buyer Insight, Skills & Productivity. The help of the framework was key!

Campaign Framework

NetApp was also recognized at the summit for their extraordinary results in aligning sales and marketing. They said the use of the SiriusDecision framework was imperative to their success, in addition to ensuring marketing priority and focus were clearly defined for entire team (that means both sales and marketing) as well as make good use of available resources.

Account-Based Marketing Framework

Recognized as one of the European Programmes of the Year, in the category of hot-topic Account-Based Marketing, Gigamon was able to “deliver improved customer lifetime revenue and repeatable, scalable revenue stream”. Impressive!


Buyer Persona Framework

Gigamon used this framework in conjunction with the above mentioned ABM framework to create targeted ads for each specific audience.

Demand Waterfall

SiriusDecisions speakers Mark Levinson and Tony Jaros reminded us how to effectively use the widely popular Demand Waterfall in practice, ensuring we are considering not just the viewpoint of marketing, but of sales as well. This helps get everyone aligned! (There’s our buzzword again.)

And who knows what they’ll come up with next…

At Allocadia, we use a variety of SiriusDecisions frameworks today, and our customers do as well. In fact, as a SiriusDecisions solution partner, we’re able to help customers operationalize these frameworks to achieve business goals with our marketing performance solution (pretty cool, hey?). Whatever your business challenge, there is an endless supply of quality resources available, and we encourage you to evaluate SiriusDecisions as a potential pathway to a solution.

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Want to hear all these Case Studies live and in person? Attend a 2017 SiriusDecisions Summit in either Las Vegas or back here in London, England. We’ll see you there!

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