Tips for Taking Care of Your #MarTech Stack

March 4, 2016 James Thomas

Tips to Take Care of your MarTech stackWhat’s your martech IQ?

Given how quickly #martech is evolving and expanding, it can be hard for marketers to stay ahead of the trends. Scott Brinker, chair of the upcoming MarTech 2016 conference, recently poked fun at the madness with a quick interactive quiz to test your marketing technology IQ.

In just a few weeks, Allocadia will be headed to the conference to join over a thousand marketers and talk everything martech. In case you won’t be able to join us in San Francisco, this week I’ve put together several tips on how to tackle the tough challenge of keeping your martech stack in top shape.

Create a Technology Roadmap

“Before rushing to buy the next new shiny object, have a plan first. Develop a technology roadmap that specifies what core components you need in your MarTech stack. Once the core stack components are identified, then identify what gaps you still have and plug each with the right unitasker. Along with the roadmap, have an integration strategy that addresses how data and process will flow through the stack.” – Read more at Marketo

Align Resources and Staff

“The key to hitting the right note when selecting the various levels of a marketing stack is to determine which technologies will help propel business and organizational goals forward. It is also important to note that properly trained resources and staff are essential to the proper handling of the stack. Misutilization or unfamiliarity with functionalities ultimately lead to the wastage of resources.” – Read more at MarTech Advisor

Use Technology to Free Up Time for Customer Engagement

“Far too many marketing strategies have relied too heavily on automated processes that destroy the human factor of interacting with customers. A shrewd marketing professional will ensure their automation technology is used to save time on mundane data collection and analytics, without letting it govern the ways they interact with their audience. This, in turn, frees up more resources to be spent on engaging with customers. Creating an individualized approach to marketing with emotionally-charged and exciting interactions is vital to staying relevant and valued to your customers.” – Read more at Forbes

Define Your Own Path

“How do we craft the marketing technology experience, not just within our roles but within the lifecycle of the customer…I don’t think you can take the marketing technology stack of any other company and just apply it to yours. You really have to understand and be aware of how the people are associating with you or not associating with you and getting in there and engaging and being part of their experience versus your own.” – Read more at ZDnet

Cut Emotional Ties and Plan for the Long Term

“There may some emotional attachments to the existing technology that have to be nipped in the bud. ‘Groups may have made those decisions operating independently in silos, but now they need to be defining strategies for longer-term customer metrics that span multiple channels,’ say Rusty Warner, a Forrester analyst who specializes in marketing technologies. He points out that companies that don’t heed this advice often end up with ‘frankenstacks’ of components in a technology ecosystem which aren’t integrated: ‘The mistake a lot of organizations make is they start throwing technology at the problem without looking at bigger picture’.” – Read more at CIO

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