Top 3 New Features to Streamline Data Entry

November 3, 2015 Katherine Berry

Allocadia - Copy/Paste Marketing BudgetsA big aspect of what we do is strive toward making Allocadia as lovable as possible. That means making it as easy and intuitive to use as possible for everyone in your marketing organization – from the CMO to Marketing Ops to the Field Marketer.

We recently made a lot of improvements to the way outbound and inbound data is integrated into Allocadia to enable marketers to connect more quickly and flexibly to all core marketing and financial technology systems.

As a complement to this framework we also developed several features to streamline data entry for different stakeholders within your organization.

Top 3 new data entry features for Allocadia users:

  • Copy/Paste Budget Hierarchies: Need to duplicate all or part of a budget? It’s now as simple as copying and pasting. We’ve even provided options for what you can include in the duplicate. This gives more flexibility for how end-users input their plans. Organizations now have the option to leave the planning hierarchy wide open, leverage a more fixed hierarchy or do something in-between, which is to have a suggested structure that users can copy/paste to repeat (for example, campaign name with channels underneath).
  • Cell Calculations: Now users can also make quick automated adjustments on the fly within any cell using standard calculation expressions. This was a request that came in from a customer and aligned to our approach of leveraging the good aspects of traditional spreadsheets that they found useful.
  • Hometab HTML: Marketing ops and end users, this one is for you – MOps, you can now create and manage budget hierarchies more efficiently, with usability enhancements like drag and drop and speedier performance. The budget hierarchy order is also no longer user-specific but controlled by the owner; this means the experience is consistent across your user base as the hierarchy will appear in the same order for all users. End users, you can now automatically see your parent folders to understand the context of your budget and easily see differences year-over-year.

Customers: visit our Allocadia Help Center to learn more about all the new data integration features and feature enhancements in our latest release.

Read more about Allocadia’s Marketing Performance Management features.

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