Top 6 Takeaways from #SDSummit 2015 Europe

October 21, 2015 James Thomas

This week, our team sponsored the #SDSummit in London, England. It was a terrific opportunity for local and international marketers to learn about cutting-edge industry trends and go home with real-life tools and frameworks that they can use and apply into their own organisations. (We meant to spell it that way… it’s a UK thing. They also write “programs” as “programmes”. So there’s a fun fact for you.)

Theses conferences are always full of tweet-worthy takeaways, and this one was no exception. The #SDSummit hashtag features a tonne of great information, and we’ve taken a moment to highlight the top themes that came out of all the chatter.

1. The buyers journey is not what we thought it was.

I’m sure at this point you’ve heard the shocking statistic that 57% of the buyers journey is complete prior to the first touchpoint with a salesperson. Heck, I’m pretty we’ve tweeted that out as well. But this week, Sirius Decisions presented research that de-bunks this myth. It appears that the Death of a Salesman is actually not imminent. Research has proven that B2B buyers are still eager to engage with a salesperson (a real, live human being) during their buying process. Yes, digital is happening and it’s happening in a big way, but it’s not the only thing that matters.

2. B2B buyers are also B2C consumers.

What do we mean by this? Well, if you do have a “digital-first” (more about this in our next point) product or service, and your buyers are shopping primarily online for it, they’re going to expect their experience to mimic the Amazon’s of the world. It needs to be intuitive, prescriptive and personalized.

3. What should your digital model be?

Digital matters, and likely needs to have a presence in your go-to-market strategy, but depending on your how your organization scores on the newly introduced digital __ model, you may want to approach it differently. Is your organization  digital first, digital support or digital hybrid? Where do you fit in? Take the test and see!

4. MarTech is here to stay.

Marketing technology is not going anywhere (good news for us!). Jay Famico showed us statistics to prove that technology spend is increasing in organizations. He also, however, pointed out that the scrutiny behind marketing technology budgets is increasing. This means, marketing teams needs to stop buying the shiniest new things and really evaluate how these new technologies will be supported by your business. Process comes first–don’t forget. If you don’t don’t have the right people and compenticies on your team to use the technology you just bought effectively, it’s money down the drain.

Shameless plug: Undoubtably, with this increased scrutiny from your C-suite, you will be required to prove the ROI of al lour marketing programs and technologies. Allocadia can actually help you justify this. Learn more today!

5. So many personas, so little time.

One of the big themes that came up over and over again in many presentations, was the need to expand upon our personas. Now, you probably already have defined buyer personas, but have you taken it any further? Sirius Decisions recommends taking the time to identify and outline customer, account and user personas as well–because they all matter and they all have very different needs and contexts. An interesting statistic presented suggested that customer experience could be the silent killer in your sales pipeline. 71% say it’s the biggest driver in B2B purchase decisions. This demands you take some time to pay attention to your customer lifecycle. What happens after your customers buy?

6. Sales & Marketing need to get aligned.

This one isn’t new–we’ve heard it before, but it remains a hot topic within organisations. We saw a lot of great examples and statistics of the high and positive impact this can have, so its important we all keep working at it. It’s time to respect and commit to each other.

We’re already counting down the days until the next Sirius Decisions event, next month in San Francisco. Will you be there?

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