Use Business Goals to Guide Marketing Technology Decisions

December 4, 2015 James Thomas

Use Business Goals to Guide Marketing Technology DecisionsPart of building a strong marketing tech strategy means understanding your goals. With the amount of technology solutions available to CMOs and marketing departments, it can be overwhelming to figure out which tools are right for you. Revisit your marketing strategy to get a handle on your goals. Let your business goals guide your decisions. Once you understand your big-picture goals, you can start getting into the details of specific tactics, activities, and the tools you need to support them.

The following articles have helpful insight into how to fit marketing technology into your existing strategy.

Advice for Evaluating B2B Sales and Marketing Technology. Business2Community: “Think about your daily, weekly, monthly routine in regards to how you’d use this product. Does it serve all of those needs? Are all of your key components there (functionality, reporting, accessibility, quality, and customer service)? If not, how customizable is the product? Does the customized portion truly integrate seamlessly or three months down the road will you be yelling ‘why?!’ at your computer screen, left with little customer support due to the advanced ‘customization’? And if you’re looking to purchase the product in order to help your process, think about integrations, team members’ receptability, and also the company’s experience and credibility in that space. Just don’t forget – always, always, always, ask questions!”

The Missing Link in Marketing Technology. Forbes: “A dedicated marketing management system should facilitate the strategic process of marketing management. It does not need to automate every marketing activity. Marketing activities can vary dramatically from marketing role to marketing role. For example, an email marketer needs marketing automation while a public relations manager needs a PR database. These specialized activities are best left to best-in-class tools. The process of optimizing the marketing mix is largely a human one. It requires a deep understanding of customer value, good marketing judgement, and collaboration inside and outside the marketing department. A dedicated marketing management system should help marketing managers do their jobs better, not do their jobs for them.”

Cutting Through the Noise – Why Marketing Technology is Essential to the Future of Loyalty. Loyalty360: “I see two technology trends that best do this: The first is personalization. How do we get to a place to create value for me? That value is going to be different from the way value is created for someone else. The brand needs to know enough about me to build a program unique to me. This will require frameworks of redemption or engagement that are very different within the same program. There is a technology cost and effort associated with this, but it is a worthwhile focus. Brands should create programs that can flex to adapt – they cannot be monolithic in today’s landscape.”

Buyer Beware. Direct Marketing News: “With nearly 2,000 options to choose from, marketing technology is an increasingly complex purchase. After selecting the type of marketing tech they need, marketers must not only ensure that the product they opt for is right for them, but also that they can get the most from it. Asking the right questions is integral to achieving these ends. Often, however, marketers miss essential questions during the discovery and implementation processes.”

From CMO to VIO, Why Marketing Needs to Embrace Technology. IT Pro Portal: “…It is vital that the chosen solution ensures that everyone, from suppliers to in-house teams, can work together via a platform that allows approvals, compliance and supplier touchpoints to be managed from a single unified interface. All members of the team should be continuously kept up to date with overarching creative campaigns and projects through an easy-to-use interface, which provides complete visibility at any given point.”

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