What Kinds of Insights Can Your Marketing Data Give You?

May 30, 2015 James Thomas

What Kinds of Insights Can Your Marketing Data Give You? M

When you collect and analyze your marketing data, you create a pool of knowledge that’s full of insights — if you have the right tools to look for them. Your marketing data can help you identify what’s working, what’s not and what you need to do to get the ROI you’re seeking. This week, I’ve collected some articles that look at why you should carefully monitor your marketing data.

7 Things Marketers Should Measure: Big Data Can Help. Forbes: “How well is your audience responding to your messages? Are you achieving the desired level of engagement? Omni-channel marketing fueled by data pulled from interactions across mobile, social and other channels can be a great way to create one-on-one experiences. Data gleaned from every stage of audience interactions can also reveal the right channels for engagement and even predict those capabilities in the future.”

They Love Me? They Love Me Not? Data Analytics Can Tell You. CMS Wire: “Marketers famously trust their instincts when it comes to customers. And while intuition and creativity have important roles to play in marketing, data often tells a more complete story as we attempt to make sense of our digital world. To be a successful marketer, we need good marketing instincts, a creative mind — and a solid grasp of data and analytics. After all, creativity without conversions equals zero.”

Five Ways to Win With Data-Driven Marketing. Ad Age: “Set baselines for campaign effectiveness. Data-driven marketing has effectively replaced the traditional ‘hit-or-miss’ test component of the typical direct marketing campaign. For example, we normally ask new clients for one to two years’ worth of data in order to identify statistically relevant response curves for past campaigns and marketing efforts. We then use a statistical approach to web attribution analytics to measure the response curve of TV airings and extrapolate the hidden signal from the visible signal through a proven methodology. With this information in hand, marketers can set baselines for current and future campaign effectiveness.”

With Data Becoming a Currency, Brands Need to Sharpen Their Analytics Skills. Ad Exchanger: “As others have begun pointing out, small data can serve as an equally valuable tool for marketers in uncovering big, meaningful insights. Mid-size companies with limited resources can leverage a smaller set of more intimate, first-party data that may rival and even outmatch larger brands that rely on multiple data partners.”

Shoot for the Stars! 4 Ways to Bring It with Your Marketing Automation Platform. Marketo: ”Seasoned marketers may be surprised to see lead nurturing on here. You’re probably thinking, ‘Lead nurture?! But we’ve been doing that for years!’ Here’s the thing: You could be doing it better. (Did I really just say that?! Yes, yes I did.) Let’s face it—we all have room for improvement. You may be sending emails to prospects who aren’t yet ready to buy, but what else are you doing? Are you integrating an ad targeting campaign to keep your brand top-of-mind? How about integrating live chat? Implementing new tactics with the help of marketing automation could breathe new life into your nurturing campaigns. You may also need more capabilities to segment your leads properly for maximum ROI. Marketing automation lets you do all that and more.”

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