What to Consider Before Hiring Your Next Marketing Team Member

July 22, 2016 James Thomas

The Right Candidate Feature ImageAccording to the 2016 Marketing Hiring Trends from McKinley Marketing Partners, “Positions that require digital marketing expertise will be in highest demand in 2016 as organizations continue to blend traditional marketing strategies with digital marketing.” Twenty seven percent of companies plan to hire more people with digital marketing skills this year than they did last year – the biggest increase for any area of expertise.

Employers also want candidates who are adept at problem solving, able to efficiently articulate thoughts and have an analytical mindset. Twenty-two percent will hire more for marketing strategy this year, confirming the trend we’re seeing to hire dedicated people to handle marketing performance management responsibilities like ongoing budgeting, planning and measurement.

If you’re planning to add headcount now or next year, consider these pieces of advice when hiring your next marketing team member.

Be Upfront about Company Culture

“When you have a culture that’s truly unique, there’s good reason to be upfront with people about what it’s like to work in your organization and to look for candidates who are going to thrive in that culture. At the same time, you have to recognize that your perspective on who can thrive in that culture is going to be limited by your own experiences and biases. It is good to challenge your own thinking, and recognize that a healthy culture has room for diverse groups of people to find different ways of being successful.” – Read more at Opensource.com.

Understand Your Team’s “Thinking Style”

“Think about your team as a portfolio of thinking styles. Just as you construct an investment portfolio differently for different investment objectives, you want construct your thinking portfolio. Most teams need every kind of thinking style at one point or another. So just as geese tend to take turns leading the flock, different thinking styles should also take turns. In the beginning of the project, Explorers and Planners are helpful to set the strategy and structure the work effort. Then Connectors and Energizers take the lead to create the vision, access resources, and enroll the stakeholders.” – Read more at Harvard Business Review.

Hire for Future Potential

“The ultimate goal is to find a diamond in the rough who can really shine within your organization. It is crucial to seek out proactive tendencies that indicate potential and eagerness to grow within your company. Apathetic employees simply will not thrive in an entrepreneurial organization. It’s too challenging. If someone doesn’t impress you as being smart, talented, and proactive, then pass and keep looking for someone who is.” – Read more at Fortune.

Look for Scrappy Problem-Solving Skills

“The best marketers must have the ability to be placed in vague or challenging situations and problem solve their way to the shoreline. There is often not a clear playbook to follow. Problem solving skills and “street smarts” can be learned in a wide range of roles and responsibilities. Further, these individuals often attack problems in the same way, with the ability to:

  • Break the problem down and analyze it
  • Determine what information or resources are necessary
  • Ask for help to obtain those resources when needed”

– Read more at The Huffington Post.

It’s All About Alignment

“Marketing today is a team sport. This notion that you can go off and do your own thing, that’s long gone. It’s not coming back. If you want to build an authentic brand with your employees as brand ambassadors, you’d better be aligned with human resources. If you want to truly build a technology-enabled organization that can provide analytical insight, you probably need to be pretty closely aligned to your CIO. If you want to build a sales engine and have a healthy lead gen engine that also converts into real business, you need to be aligned with your sales leader. If you want to truly demonstrate your return on investment from a marketing perspective, you’d better be closely aligned to the head of finance.” – Read more at eMarketer.

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