What Zach King Taught Us About Modern Marketing

April 26, 2016 Allocadia


He’s 26. He’s full of energy. He’s smart. And his job is to make people smile. You’ve probably heard of him—or if not, your kids have for sure. He’s Zach King, Filmmaker and Social Media Superstar, and he kicked off the Oracle Modern Marketing Experience here in Las Vegas today in his own style—sneakers and all (which of course, we loved). While he may not be the most likely speaker for a marketing technology event, when you think about, what’s more modern about marketing than Vine and Facebook and cats with light sabers?

We learned a lot from Zach today as he paced the stage, regaling us with the inside scoop on his unique success story—more than just some behind-the-scenes knowledge on how he actually makes those mind-blowing vids that drive kids and adults wild with delight.

Do What You Do, With Purpose

Sure, his social channels are chock-full of seemingly pointless and random content that, while you’re not sure why, makes you giggle every time. But there is a method to this madness. He runs it all behind the scenes with purpose. (Think he should participate in our #RunMarketing campaign? We sure do.) For Zach’s brand, he ensures all the videos fit his “voice”. Does it inspire curiosity and wonder? Is it clean (no X-rated material here)? And is it contagious enough to motivate people to share with others? This is his content framework, and his overall purpose, he says, is to “make people smile”. Hey, worthy as any! We could all use a little more cotton candy clouds in our lives, don’t ya think?

Ideas Are Everywhere…

…And within everyone. Zach has this brilliant idea (which we may have to adopt ourselves) where he sets up a back-to-basics style whiteboard in his office and encourages EVERYONE to toss ideas up on it—whenever they come to them, as half-developed as they may be. He knows that good ideas can come from anyone—not just the creative team. And that good ideas also start somewhere. Get ’em out into the world and then use your team to develop them into something awesome.

The 3 G’s

When it comes to content, who knows better than Zach King. His philosophy around content is simple and effective. First you gotta give; consider what value your content is delivering to you audience. We’re talking a no-strings-attached gift (stop thinking about conversions and sales ALL the time!). Then you gotta gather: figure who your audience is, what they’re about and of course, where they’re hanging out (what places IRL, and what platforms on social as well). “Learn the heartbeat of your audience”, he says. Then finally, you gotta grow: nurture that audience of yours. Find out when they’re online most, and give them the content they love then. Go deeper in connecting with the audience you have! Which brings us to…

Viral Isn’t Everything

Getting your content to viral is awesome. Anyone who’s had it happen knows this. It’s such a rush! And it’s (almost) never a bad thing. But Zach reminded us that it’s not just a numbers game. Sure, a big audience is a fantastic thing. But the 13 million accounts that follow him on Instagram are not just accounts—they’re people. People that care about your content. And people that want to connect with your brand—with you. So it’s important to care about who they are too. “You need to go deeper with your audience to really connect.”

Be Positive

He left us with one final thought, which everyone here at #MME16, as well as the Moms and Dads and Grandmas and Grandpas and Angst-y Teenagers out there who use social media on the daily should remember.

Dun, dun, dun…

Use social media to be a positive force in the universe.

Watch what you’re posting and what your friends are posting and weed out too much negativity. That’s when social media gets a bad rap. Think about it like Zach does: How am I going to make people smile today?


In his introductory presentation, Simon Robinson of Oracle Marketing Cloud took us through a spectacular visual journey of how marketing has changed and where we’re at now. It’s amazing to think that in today’s day and age, we’re learning marketing from a 20-something “Vine star” instead of a seasoned advertising executive. But it’s happening. This is the world we live in today. And we’ve gotta get onboard. This is modern marketing, people, so let’s get into it.

Here’s to two more super-productive days with you all here at MME. If you’re here with us, be sure to pop by booth MM-15 and say hi (we’re giving away sweet green kicks, if you haven’t heard). If you’re not here this time around, fear not! We are tweeting some live takeways for you, so follow along @allocadia on Twitter.

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