Why Creativity Remains Critical for Today’s Data-Driven CMO

August 12, 2016 James Thomas

Why CMOs Need CreativityIn today’s high accountability environment, CMOs are under pressure to drive business growth and prove marketing performance. But I’ve recently read several articles examining the importance of creativity – especially in a data-driven world.

As Tim Nudd, AdWeek creative editor, writes, “If creativity, deep down, is just inventive problem solving, clearly it’s more in demand than ever in a world of increasingly complex business challenges.” In fact, a recent report by the World Economic Forum found that creativity will be the third most important skill for workers in 2020.

Here’s how CMOs are using their creative traits to understand data insights and make better decisions.

Intimately Understands the Customer

“Great CMOs champion the customer at every opportunity. They understand that creating thrilled customers via one-to-one personalised experience is the pathway to growth and loyalty. Being customer first also means they know their audience intimately and have overseen the collaborative development of personas and segmentation with related brand value and messaging.” – Read more at CMO Australia.

Thinks Differently about Marketing Metrics

“We’re in a period when many of the traditional measures that marketers have used [such as ad views or impressions] are being questioned,” said Jim Rudden, CMO of Spredfast. “It takes creativity now to think, on one hand, why are they still valuable, or, given the new forms of interaction consumers have with us, what are our new systems of measure?” Read more at CMO.

Develops Data-Driven Hypotheses and Encourages Innovation

“Creative CMOs are not afraid to experiment and take smart risks. They analyze the performance data they have, develop hypotheses, and test them to continuously improve their marketing efforts and results. The best CMOs are great at spotting opportunities for innovation and growth, and encourage their teams to do so by giving them the space for experimentation, even if it means failing on some occasions.” – Read more at Marketing Insider Group.

Uses Data Insights to Direct Creative

“Focusing on creative doesn’t mean ignoring data. In fact, data plays an important role in directing creative. Incorporating both data and creativity means maintaining a balance between insight-driven ideas and compelling execution. Smart marketers bring their creative team and data geeks together.” Read more at diginomica.

Creatively Thinks about Transformation

“CMOs increasingly sit at the intersection between marketing, IT, sales, and innovation/R&D. The big question firms are seeking to answer is: Where is the money coming from? And the CMO is often better equipped to figure that out. That’s because tech tends to be tech centric; sales tends to be client centric; and R&D is often done in a vacuum. Marketing is in the best position to understand the future and think through how to adapt the business model to best position the firm. Marketing has become much more than MARCOM and more about where the world is headed and how to successfully adapt the business model to thrive in it.” – Read more at Forbes.

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