4 Things the Best Global Marketing Organizations Do Differently in Marketing Planning

October 3, 2016

The best-performing global marketing organizations have one thing in common: they’re extraordinarily competent at marketing planning.

The question is: what, specifically, do they do differently in marketing planning? What sets them apart from the rest of the pack?

We interviewed four marketing planning experts to uncover a set of strategies that have strengthened enterprise and mid-market market teams in this area.

Inside, we’ll unpack these 4 marketing planning strategies:

  1. Tightly align your marketing plans with company-wide strategies
  2. Use analyst frameworks in practical ways to structure your plans from the outset
  3. Don’t choose between top-down and bottom-up planning... combine them!
  4. Strike a more successful partnership with the Finance team

If you’re involved in the planning process in your marketing organization, this eBook will provide you with some fresh strategies to consider. Download it today!

Experts interviewed:

  • Ken Evans, Senior Director of Marketing Operations at Fuze
  • Kathleen Schaub, VP of IDC’s CMO Advisory Service
  • David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen International
  • Bryan Semple, CMO, SmartBear
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