5 Signs You’ll Win a 2017 #RunMarketing Award

August 9, 2017

It’s not an Emmy award. 

Nor is it the Nobel Prize. 

Palme d'Or, this is not. 

No, the 2017 #RunMarketing Awards are just for you - a global competition recognizing YOUR excellence in  strategizing, planning, budgeting, and analyzing to make sure every dollar counts. 

These awards are the first of their kind to recognize success within the red-hot discipline of MPM, which has become a strategic mandate for today’s marketer to keep up with growing levels of accountability and expectation. According to a Forrester study, the #1 marketing initiative for global businesses is to “improve the ROI/effectiveness of marketing.” In short, we’re celebrating companies and individuals who run the business of marketing. 

Want to apply or nominate your company? Nominations are open until September 1, 2017

Here are five keys to award-winning Marketing Performance Management:

1. You’re a shrewd spender - and a changemaker.

You know what’s working, and what’s not, within your Marketing budget, because you’ve got a standardized way to monitor plans, spend, and results. You know where the money goes, and what results it will generate.

To get there, you knew “business as usual” was not synonymous with “digital transformation.” You’re a marketing leader who has driven change in their organization by working to adopt MPM best practices, and made great strides internally to get executives, and team members, on board.

2. You nurture the Marketing and Finance relationship

High-growth companies are 3X more likely to see strong alignment between Marketing and Finance, working together to track investments, measurements, budgets, and returns. 

#RunMarketing Award winners work to ensure the CMO and CFO are trusted, strategic partners who operate with transparency and honesty. 

3. Your marketing plans align to strategic goals

MPM leaders ensure their marketing plans are tightly aligned to overarching business goals. In fact, companies with strong growth are 2X more likely to align marketing KPIs directly to contribution to the business. 

“The marketing planning process is a CMO’s best opportunity to demonstrate leadership and an understanding of how to operationalize corporate strategy consistently across the sales, marketing and product functions.”

- Introducing the SiriusDecisions Marketing Planning Process, SiriusDecisions

4. You can prove business impact

You can demonstrate the impact of Marketing activities on the organization, in the only language that matters in business - money. You don’t rely on Twitter followers to prove your worth, you show how marketing drives revenue aligned to objectives across regions, products and business units.

5. Your team is operating in lock-step

Your entire marketing team (even globally) has visibility into ROI - down to the activity. They know where to spend their next dollar to see the most impact, and how their actions align to overall corporate priorities. 

Winners will earn a coveted #RunMarketing trophy, a platform to share their success with a global community of marketers, and the feedback of our esteemed judging panel, including industry analysts Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, CMO Advisory Service at IDC and Eric Wittlake, Senior Analyst, Marketing Practice at TOPO

Ready to win a 2017 #RunMarketing Award? Nominate your team, leader, or organization here

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