Plan to Measure: Set Up Measurements Now to Execute Better Tomorrow

January 31, 2019

Marketing organizations are facing ever-increasing pressure to demonstrate their impact on the business – yet most lack the ability to quantify and convey the value they are driving. Marketers that take an execute first, measure later approach simply never get ahead. And even those with mindful approaches to marketing planning can fall short when it comes time to translate those plans into an ongoing system of performance metrics. So where do you start?
In this webinar, our panel featuring special guest SiriusDecisions Senior Research Director, Ross Graber, Sam Melnick, VP, Marketing at Allocadia and Noah Brier, Co-Founder and CTO, Percolate will discuss how you can demonstrate marketing impact in your organization.
Ahead of a panel discussion, you will learn about:
  1. A core framework to help align marketing plans with an operational approach to demonstrating performance
  2. The process and technologies needed to create measurements that are well aligned with marketing’s goals
  3. The optimal role played by successful marketing operations leaders

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