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Everyone wants to be recognized for making a positive impact at work, and marketers are no different. But, leadership is increasingly asking marketers to demonstrate their value and show their impact, and back up their claims with data. In the end, it boils down to how are you contributing towards the top line. Marketers have two jobs; run marketing and do marketing. 'Do marketing' covers the external facing tasks such as running events or campaigns. 'Run marketing' is the behind-the-scenes strategy, planning, investing and measuring to determine the next best marketing action. That's Marketing Performance Management (MPM). When the running marketing and doing marketing components are disconnected, performance can suffer through bad investments and missed opportunities. At Allocadia, we truly believe that to succeed, marketers have to focus on MPM – the strategic arm of marketing. One component of MPM is budgeting and planning - the foundation for successful marketing. Allocadia gives marketers a single collaborative cloud platform to create and manage budgets, track spend, and get a results-based view of marketing performance against corporate objectives. As leaders in MPM, Allocadia gives modern marketers a new way to plan, manage and evaluate marketing performance without painful spreadsheets. And because it connects to marketing, CRM, and finance systems, Allocadia delivers a single system of record for marketing teams. Allocadia gives CMOs unprecedented visibility into their investments and returns to help them make strategic decisions. Not only that, it produces hard data on how marketing teams are driving revenue and impacting the business. Planning Budgeting Results "Allocadia is gaining mind share for its financial and performance management capabilities with clients, and is growing its partner network." - Gartner 2015 Cool Vendors Manage your marketing spend without spreadsheets using a cloud app built for enterprise marketing teams. Truly understand your marketing ROI with powerful analytics that will help you to make smart marketing decisions. Collaborate across the entire team to construct marketing plans that align with corporate objectives. ALLOCADIA OVERVIEW

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