How Box Doubled Marketing ROI Without Increasing Budget

May 15, 2018

Watch the recording above or get the slides here

As a marketer, you are always being challenged to create new pipeline for the business. But when budgets remain flat, how do you increase the effectiveness of the dollars you already have?

In 2017, Box was faced with this challenge and overcame it! Driven by a data-focused approach, they doubled their pipeline-to-spend ratio (aka MROI) from 4:1 to 9:1 in the course of a year.

Hear Tim West, Sr Manager, Marketing Operations at Box share how his marketing organization used Allocadia, Salesforce and Tableau to:

  • Create an account based attribution model
  • Directly associate spend to pipeline via Allocadia
  • Use ROI analysis and identify the most efficient and effective tactics

It’s time to put aside arguments about ‘credit’ and focus on doubling down on what actually works!

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