Marketing & Finance Story: Demandbase

August 24, 2017

Opening the Door to Better Marketing-Finance Communication & Alignment

“How much are we spending per opportunity?”  

When Demandbase’s CMO asked the company’s marketers this straightforward question, it threw them for a loop. 

Director of Marketing Operations Nanneke Jansen and her team had a sophisticated demand gen machine at their fingertips. They knew how exactly much revenue they earned from each ad campaign, for example, but not necessarily how much they’d spent to achieve those results.

They needed a tool to manage their marketing investments, and connect those investments to their marketing results. As the owner of the company’s marketing tech stack, Nanneke began look for a solution. 

““Allocadia opened the door to conversations between the two departments in ways I’d never have expected.
Nanneke Jansen, Director of Marketing Operations, Demandbase

The CMO’s question lent urgency to her search, but in fact the marketing team at Demandbase had already been wrestling for some time with the day-to-day management of their budgets and Excel simply wasn’t cutting it. Because marketers had to painstakingly ensure that their numbers matched up with Finance’s, large amounts of time time were spent comparing each line, vendor, invoice and forecast. 

Nanneke realized that if she could solve these challenges, there would be a host of positive knock-on effects in the way that the Marketing and Finance departments worked together. The time was right. “As we grow up as a company, Finance and Marketing need to be aligned,” Nanneke said.

Once Nanneke discovered Allocadia and was satisfied that it met her marketing team’s needs, she approached her Finance team about it. They received the idea with open arms. Any tool that would help marketers spend more accurately while reducing administrative burdens was a welcome addition. 

Now that Demandbase is up and running with Allocadia, its Finance and Marketing groups enjoy stronger alignment. The two departments have since collaborated to improve the way things like event revenues, inter-departmental vendors, and credit card usage are handled, to name a few. 

“There was never any particular friction, but we spoke different languages,” Nanneke said. “Allocadia opened the door to conversations between the two departments in ways I’d never have expected.” 

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